Saturday, Apr 29, 2017

Will the story feeder be arrested?

Jalil Afridi

Washington, D.C.: According to reliable sources a local journalist from Pakistan Cyril Almeida whose name was recently placed on Exit Control List ( ECL) seems to have been used by member of the ruling PML(N) government. In his story, Cyril had claimed that there were differences between the PML(N) and the intelligence agencies regarding combatting terrorist organizations and that Pakistan was leading toward isolation on international level.
No doubt, the Indian government and Indian media loved the story of Cyril and within a few hours of its publicatin, the story was widely spread as propaganda against Pakistani intelligence agencies. Indian IT wizards and lobbyists while using different social media forms highlighted the said story and claimed that they have been saying the same thing over and over that Pakistani intelligence agencies are not doing sufficient job to counter terrorists organizations without likes and dislikes.
It is not certain what exact benefit was gained by the individual or his bosses who leaked this story to the reporter beside the fact that ruling PML(N) government which has failed miserably on all fronts including domestic issues, international issues or issues related to personal integrity and honesty. And by leaking this story they wanted to transfer the onus of their humiliation on armed forces. Pakistan armed forces and its intelligences which do not represent any political party and therefore should have not been put at stake by doing something so degrading and below the belt gesture as leaking a story to a reporter.
Corps Commanders conference also expressed serious concern over the said story and termed it as a " feed story" meaning somebody who was present at the national security meeting gave the said story intentionally to the reporter with ulterior motives. Now the question is whether the said person who gave the story should be termed as an anti state person or not? Anybody who jeopardizes the national security is indeed somebody who does not give a damn about his country and gives more weightage to personal interests than his country's interest.
Another factor which needs consideration while tackling this issue is the fact whether the journalist who filed the story did bigger of a crime or the person who leaked the said story to the reporter is a big criminal? No doubt the person who leaked the story is the real criminal because he is the one who is a public servant and representative of the people of Pakistan and has taken oath to protect the sovereignty and integrity of the country. No doubt the said person should not be spared at any cost otherwise this trend of humiliating the motherland will continue.


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