Saturday, Apr 29, 2017

Foreign Office without an email id

Foreign office without an email address

Jalil Afridi
Washington, D.C: The Ministry of Foreign Office of the government of Pakistan has no official email id through which it can be contacted.
The website of the foreign office is amongst the few foreign office website of any country which does not have an official email id through which it be contacted.
All over the world most of the countries foreign office can be contacted through their websites which indicates the email address of the different departments with in the ministry and many other departments can also be contacted through their email addresses.
Unfortunately Pakistan's foreign office website is not only poor displayed but it is also managed in a very unprofessional manner. No office of the foreign ministry of Pakistan can be contacted through an email id whereas only handouts of the advisors of the foreign office such as Sartaj Aziz and Syed Fatimi are displayed on regular basis.

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