Saturday, Apr 29, 2017

Crimes Against Ghor Women Going Unsolved

KABUL (TOLONews): The provincial director for women’s affairs in Ghor, Masouma Anwari, on Wednesday said 118 cases of violence against women had been registered in the province last year; however, few of the cases were investigated by police.

Speaking at a meeting on issues Ghor women are faced with, Anwari said of those cases, 41 had been extreme incidents.  “From the 41 cases, not even five cases have been investigated so far due to inefficiency of police,” she said.

“There is no prosecutor and there is a lack of transparency in the judicial system. This is why women who commit minor crimes get 13 years or 14 years in prison,” said Fawzia Kofi, a member of the women’s affairs commission at the Wolesi Jirga (Lower House of Parliament).

Kofi had been part of a parliament delegation to Ghor that attended the meeting and met with the family of the late Rukhshana – who was stoned to death by a kangaroo court in Ghor almost two years ago.  Abdul Karim, Rukhshana’s father, said he was not happy with the investigation into his daughter’s death.

“We lost our honor. Our daughter [Rukhshana] was engaged when she was stoned to death. Nothing satisfactory has been done in this respect so far,” Karim said.

Meanwhile, Ghor governor Mohammad Nasir, said at a meeting with the MP delegation, that violence against women is connected to poor socio-economic conditions and dominant traditions within the local community. 

“What would you expect from a vulnerable and jobless society and from a society which is ready to marry off a three-month-old baby girl in order to save their 10 other children from hunger?” the governor asked.

At the same event, Ghor education director Sebghatullah Akbari said that barring girls from getting an education after primary school was another problem which upsets women in the province.

“The ministry of education established a (primary) school three years ago but it has not added classes or teachers. The school still has only six classes. Unfortunately the majority of our (girl’s) schools have six classes. These are only primary schools, not high schools,” he stated.

According to officials at the meeting, Ghor has only one female doctor who specializes in women’s illnesses.  “Somehow we feel that the central government is not interested in Ghor province, particularly in the health care sector. We have not seen any increase in our personnel or in our salary,” said Gul Juma Yaqubi, the public health provincial director.

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