Malaysia Airlines M370 still missing: Phones ringing? Crew's questionable conduct?

Malaysia Airlines M370 still missing: Phones ringing? Crew's questionable conduct?

MONITORING DESK  – Almost five days into disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, the whereabouts of the missing aircraft are still unknown, Local TV reported.
According to reports, the friends and families of those on board the ill-fated flight are clinging on to the hope even after the fifth day of disappearance.
The search and rescue efforts faced more mystery as reports of phones of passengers ringing surfaced but were later quashed by the investigating authorities saying none of the reported numbers were being connected.
The investigation became more puzzled when an Australian paper released what is being termed as questionable conduct of first officer of the missing flight. According to British and Australian media, the first officer Fariq Abdul Hamid has previously entertained one of the female passengers in a previous flight. The 27-year-old first officer had allowed the female passengers into the cockpit and took photographs with them. The female passenger earlier told the press that the first officer even smoked in the cockpit.
Malaysia Airlines has rejected the reports saying they have no reason to believe that the crew’s behavior has got anything to do about the flight’s disappearance adding that they were shocked about the news report and that they cannot be distracted right now from handling the crisis.
The investigating authorities are now looking at multiple theories to figure out what could have possible happened to the ill-fated Boeing 777 aircraft that has one of the best safety records in the aviation history.

Explosion on board?

One of the angles being looked into is whether the plane faced a mid-air explosion. The authorities are just puzzled as how could a state of the art aircraft just vanish off the radar like that. One theory is that the aircraft may have suffered a sudden catastrophic event mid-air.
The reason this theory is being floated is that the travel of two passengers on stolen passports and CIA’s statement saying terrorism is not ruled out.

Among other theories are structural disintegration, hijacking, technical difficulties and pilot suicide. According to reports, none of these theories have been ruled out as the entire concentration right now is on the searching of the debris or clues that could help answer what went on the unfortunate flight.
The pressure on Malaysian government and Malaysia Airline is building up as the forces of 9 countries carry search mission. The Malaysian airlines shares had dropped by 18% earlier this week as millions of travelers worry about the fate of air travel following this incident.
The global pressure is because hundreds of thousands of passengers fly everyday on Boeing 777 aircrafts worldwide and authorities need to uncover the facts fast to figure out if this is a design failure that could jeopardize passengers worldwide.



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