Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Helmand Governor Optimistic About Results Of Night Raids

KABUL (TOLONews): Helmand governor Hayatullah Hayat said on Friday that at least 100 night raids were carried out by the National Army’s Special Unit in the past year in Lashkargah city and other parts of the province aimed at eliminating terrorists.

The governor said the operations had ‘good results’ but in some cases they yield civilian casualties. “Security forces have carried at least 100 night operations in the past year and they had achievements in this mission,” Hayat told TOLOnews.

He said the night raids were effective to eliminate insurgents and prevent their advancement. “Night raids have proved effective every time. In almost 100 night operations, we have inflicted heavy casualties to the Taliban. We continue our efforts to drop civilian casualties to zero,” the governor said.

Meanwhile, officials in Helmand Provincial Council said according to their information, at least 30 civilians were killed in night raids in the past three months in the province. “Efforts have not been done to ensure people’s safety and the safety of their houses during the operations. We call on the relevant government offices to pay attention to this matter. Almost 30 civilians have been killed in night raids only in past three months,” said Gul Agha Muslim, member of the council.

Other member of the council, Bashir Shakir, said “18 civilians were killed in night raids in Sangin district while 10 other were killed in Nahr Saraj district”. Heavy clashes between security forces and insurgents are ongoing in Helmand for the past two years where six districts of the province have fallen to the Taliban.

Military officials said the Helmand war has prolonged because of their cautions to prevent civilian casualties in their operations.

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