Missing Malaysia airplane

Muhammad Daheem
Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 370 disappeared mysteriously with 239 persons aboard in the Andaman Sea. It was en route from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Beijing. About two-third of its citizens belonged to China. The search operation began. There now seems to be consensus that human intervention caused the plane to change its course. Apparently it was not a mechanical failure or pilot error. The plane disappeared from civilian radar less than an hour into its journey from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.
It was flying over the Indian Oceans when it lost its communication contact with transponder and disappeared. It is now believed that its communications system was deliberately switched off by someone. Many experts believe that the plane\'s key tracking system was shut off manually. It is a considerable proof that the aircraft was deliberately hijacked by someone who had considerable knowledge of flying the planes or has made a planning beforehand. It is now concluded that flight continued for at least 6 hours after it dropped off radar and finally the plane crashed due to lack of fuel.
It is, however, not sure either plane was really hijacked. There are a few possibilities. The first possibility is that the pilot was emotionally unbalanced and he did commit suicide along with the passengers on board. Another viewpoint is that co-pilot intentionally caused the crash. Both possibilities have been considered seriously by a number of analysts. The plane continued its flight for several hours. Though there was no joint planning of two navigators, it was possibly then on a suicidal driving mission.
Another viewpoint is that it was a personal or psychological problem of someone on board. The person may have entered into the cockpit by force to sabotage or hijack the plane. He may have forced the pilot to follow his instructions. The sanctity of the cockpit has been threatened several times by the aliens. Another approach is that number of hijackers can be more than one.
Another theory is that it was an adventure of a group of terrorists or militants. But the terrorists and militants, in general, have their demands. Apparently no such demand has been made by any group. Neither any credible terrorist group has asserted responsibility nor made any demand.
There seems to be unanimous approach that Air Flight 370 was controlled by a trained person after the plane lost communication link with the control tower. It is just possible that instructions were given by someone else and the pilot was navigating the plane. What happened to Air Flight 370 is sill an enigma?
The Malaysian authorities have refocused the investigation on the basis of the crew, passengers on board and several other linked sources. It is now concluded that plane was deliberately diverted from its course. Then it was navigated by someone with deep experience at the controls.
The investigators have searched pilot\'s house. They also visited the co-pilot\'s house. Moreover, it is now stated that an aviation engineer was among the passengers.
The important thing is that the aircraft\'s communication systems were systematically disabled. The person who did this was possibly expert in this field.
The Malaysian government made all efforts to search the lost plane in the Gulf of Thailand but failed. The government then expanded the search area. Even it searched the plane in remote oceans. Finally, the Prime Minister Najib Razak announced its failure to the mission. He informed that hunt for wreckage around the scheduled flight path to the east of Malaysia has been called off. If the aircraft\'s recorders are discovered, the cockpit conversation may open certain secrets. If the debris had fallen in the sea, it would be really difficult to find out the cockpit voice and data record.
The analysis of raw satellite signals could not much assist the relevant authorities to confirm the existence of the plane immediately. Though Malaysian authorities refocused their investigation, no new information could be released by the government.
It is pertinent to mention here that two passengers, flying on stolen passports, were also in the plane.
It is ridiculous to jump to conclusion on the basis of the western media gossips. The conspiracy theory is that the plane is hidden somewhere in Pakistan. Pakistan has denied media reports categorically. As a matter of fact \"the flight disappeared very far off from Pakistan.\" Naturally, there was no chance of its visibility on the country\'s radars.
The New York Times and several other sources say that \"plane was flying higher than the approved limit.\" It may have made the passengers unconscious, followed by death. The pilot and any other, if involved, may have used oxygen masks to save their lives.
It is reported that as plane flew over the northeast coast of Malaysia \"a second system, a transponder aboard the aircraft, had stopped broadcasting its location, altitude, speed and other information at 1.21 am while the plane was one-third of the way across the Gulf of Thailand from Malaysia to Vietnam.\"
The two zones---one as far north as Kazakhstan in Central Asia, and the other crossing the southern Indian Ocean--- were focus of the investigators. The mission ended in a failure.
The Flight MH 370 disappeared without leaving any clear trace of it. It is difficult to make predictions about the whereabouts of the plane. The satellite data shows that the plane continued to fly about several hours after it lost its contact with the ground tower. The Malaysian government is still investigating the real cause of the crash of the plane.
The Malaysian government made massive search over water, land and different regions in and outside the country. It could not resolve the enigma.
It is now generally believed that the Flight MH370 was on a suicidal drive mission. Nonetheless, it is still difficult to say either it was pilot, co-pilot or anyone else involved in this mission.
According to Malaysian Police Chief Khalid Abu Bakar, authorities are still investigating all possibilities, including hijacking or sabotage.
The key question is: why didn\'t any of the passengers or flight staff member try to make a satellite phone or cell call to family members? It is pertinent to mention here that 10 satellite phone were available in the plane\'s business class section. The Times report is that someone could have disabled the in-flight entertainment system.
Another theory is that the passengers had already died and there was no question of any response from them.
Malaysia Airlines is still checking any evidence of communication from the plane. It would certainly assist to resolve the mystery.
The investigators, up till now, have failed to find any phone calls, e-mails or social media message originated from the missing plane for the people on land. The disappearance of the aircraft has puzzled investigators, aviation experts and internet detectives equally.
The latest development is that AMSA officials have found certain objects in search of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. This achievement has been gained through satellite.
The Malaysian government along with Australian authorities has announced that there is credible evidence that debris discovered in Australia may be part of the lost plane MH370.


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