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Ghani offers armed groups to lay down their arms

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KABUL: President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani has said Afghanistan is ready to talk to any country for bringing peace in the region and also asked the armed groups to lay down their arms and pay their role in country development is they are true Afghans.

This he said while talking to political leadres and journalists at the presidentional palace at Kabul on Friday. He said the armed groups needs to choose a pathe of peace or they want to continue the puppet of other forces for destrouying the country own benefits for others.

Ghani appreciated the sacrifices of Afghan security forces in the defending the country from the anti state elements and sacrifices their lives in this regard.


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Congo fever claims 24 lives in last five months

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KABUL: As many as 102 patients have been treated for Congo fever at the government run infectious Diseases hospital in Kabul, however 24 patients have been died from the disease in the last five month.

This is just data of one hospital, the actual and combined data of all hospitals are very alarming.

Abdul Rahim Akbari, head of the hospital said that the most patients came of our hospital were butchers and poultry farms workers. Congo fever has four stages and it takes ten 10 for treatment, he informed.

Rahimullah, 18 patient at the hospital told his condition was very bad as he was working at the butcher and while slaughtering an animal I became infected but now I am feeling good from the past five days.

The CCHF virus is transmitted to people either by tick bites or through contact with infected animal blood or tissues during and immediately after slaughter.


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Pentagon admits more soldiers in Afghanistan comparing to Obama administration

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WASHINGTON: Pentagon officials has said that more than 11,000 US soldiers are currently doing their duties in Afghanistan and that figure in previously more that it was stated.

This said by the Pentagon officials in a news conference and it added that in the President Obama administration there were 8400 soldiers deployed in Afghanistan which were increased to 11000 now.

Earlier, Secretary Defense Mattis said that he will not take decision of sending more troops to US till the complete counting if US troops on Afghan soil.


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16 Taliban, 11 civilians killed in US Airstrike in Logar

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KABUL: The US airstrike continues to kill innocent civilians in Afghanistan and in the latest airstrike as many as 11 civilians were killed along with 16 Taliban fighters in central Logar province.

Governor Haleem Fedaya, has confirmed that airstrike was conducted in the parts of capital of Logar against the Taliban insurgents and the Taliban fighters reportedly took shelters in the civilians houses and the foreign troops targeted them.

He added that two important Taliban commanders were killed in the airstrike.

The NATO officials said in a statement on Thursday that they were aware of an incident in Logar district in which potentially civilians were killed in it.

It is to be notified that the incident was second in one week when the US led airstrike kills 16 civilians in Zerkoh district of Heart Province last Monday.

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Two killed in attack on MP’s house in Jalalabad

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JALALABAD: As many as two persons were killed in an attack on the house of Member Parliament Zahir Qadir in Jalalabad on Wednesday morning.

Governor spokesman, Attaullah Khogyani told media that in the attack two bodyguards of the MPs were killed. The bodyguards were shot dead and a suicide bomber blew himself outside’s MP’s house, he added.

Meanwhile, the second suicide bomber was gunned down MP’s bodyguards and the situation is under control and the area has been cordoned off, Khogyani added.


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16 civilians killed in NATO airstrike in Heart

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HEART: As many as 16 innocent civilians including women and children were killed and seven injured in airstrikes conducted by foreign forces in Zerkoh district of Heart.

One Momin Shah, resident of Zerkoh told local media that planes were targeting the Taliban hideout but they took shelter in the local peoples and then the planes drops bombs on them in which 16 civilians were killed including women and children and injured seven others in the incident.

Resident’s claims that at least three planes took part in the airstrikes in Heart and four of the injured were shifted to hospital.

NATO official has not yet commented on the airstrike and killing of innocent people.

Sayed Azim Kibarzani, a member of Herat provincial council said that the IS and Taliban were killing our people and now the foreigner forces also doing the same thing and it is not acceptable in any manner and asked the government to tackle the issue.

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14 IS fighters including a female killed in airstrikes

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NANGARHAR: As many as 14 militants of Islamic State (IS) were killed in US airstrike conducted in Nangarhar province.

Police officials told that airstrikes were carried out in the areas of Achin district and a female member of the ISIS was also among the killed persons.

The operation of airstrikes were carried out in Mamand Marghi and Saat areas of Achin district..

The ISIS group has commented yet on the incident.

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Taliban killed two leaders of IS group in Nangarahr

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JALALABAD: The Taliban killed the important leaders of the Islamic State (IS) on Tuesday in the Nangarhar province.

As per detail, two local leaders of IS were arrested by Taliban fighters and later they were killed on the charges of killing innocent civilians and Taliban fighters. Provicial government also confirmed the killing of two IS leaders on the hand of Taliban in Bati Kot district of Nangarhar province.

Government sources said that one of the decease IS leader was namely as Qadir and he was commander of fifty fighters and he was captured by Taliban fighters from Bati Kot district and later he was killed.

The second IS leader was identified as Nasir and he was arrested from Momand Dara area and later he was also executed by the Taliban fighters. As per the sources the IS leaders were involved in killing of hundreds of innocent civilians.

However, the Taliban and IS groups did not comment on the incident so far.

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Four soldiers killed, five injured in operation against Taliban in Laghman

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MEHTERLAM: At least four security officials were killed and five others were injured during the military operation on Monday which was conducted in Laghman province.

Laghman Governor’s Spokesman, Sarahdi Zwak told media that the Afghan forces launched operation against the insurgents in the area with the titled of Sailab-1-Number-8 in Alishang district on Monday morning.

He added that four Taliban fighters were killed and eight others were injured in the operation.

He further added that four security officials were also killed and five others were injured in the operation. The injured troops returned to their base.

Laghman Police Chief, Ahmad Shehzad has said three check posts will be established in the area to stop the movement of Taliban in the area.

However, Taliban Spokesperson, Zabihullah Mujahid has said eight security personnel were killed and 13 others were injured in the incident while two Taliban were also injured.

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One killed, 8 injured in explosion

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KABUL: One person was killed and eight others were injured in a explosion at Kabul around 10am in morning.

The confirmed of numbers of deaths and injured are not yet confirmed but the officials of Wazir Akbar Khan hospital confirmed that one person was killed and eight others were injured in the explosion.

The explosion was taken place outside a branch of Kabul Bank and near the diplomatic quarters and the US embassy.

The nearest buildings were partially damaged in the explosion.