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12 killed in attack on Shia mosque in Kabul

KABUL (AFP): At least 12 people were killed in an hours-long suicide bomb and gun attack on a Shia mosque in the Afghan capital of Kabul on Friday, an official said.

“We have 10 civilians martyred and over 40 wounded. One police and one special forces member were killed,” Najib Danish, the deputy interior ministry spokesman, told AFP, adding that the attack was over.

A security guard outside the mosque and a cleric who was leading the service were also amongst those killed in the terror attack. The militant Islamic State (IS) group claimed responsibility for the attack through the group’s affiliated news agency Amaq.

Officials said gunmen stormed the mosque while worshippers were at Friday prayers, setting off an explosion and pushing into the shrine.

After the suicide bomber detonated himself inside the mosque and the attack was underway, police were promptly deployed at the site in a northern Kabul neighbourhood and encircled the mosque, but were not advancing inside to prevent further casualties, police official Mohammed Jamil said.

More explosions and gunfire echoed from the site of the attack. Mir Hussain Nasiri, a member of Afghanistan’s Shia clerical council, confirmed that the cleric who was performing the prayers was killed, but did not give his name.

Nasiri said the gunmen had taken over a portion of the mosque with separate prayer areas for men and women. There have been several attacks against Shia mosques in Afghanistan in recent weeks.

Last month, 32 people were killed when gunmen stormed a Shia mosque in western Herat province. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for that attack and vowed to carry out more attacks against Afghanistan’s minorities.

Taliban kill 4 policemen in Kandahar

Taliban attacked a security outpost in southern Kandahar province, the insurgents’ former heartland, killing four troops on Friday.

Provincial police chief’s spokesman, Zia Durrani, said that the security forces repulsed the Taliban attack with the help of air support from the Afghan air force.

Durrani said that seven policemen were wounded in the Friday morning attack while the Taliban also sustained heavy casualties. There has been no immediate comment from the Taliban.

Separately, provincial deputy police chief Nisar Ahmad Abdul Rahimzai said that Afghan security forces recaptured a district in eastern Paktia province from the insurgents.

The summer fighting season in Afghanistan has been brutal so far this year, with relentless Taliban attacks around the country as the insurgents battle to expand their footprint.

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One injured in explosion in Kabul city

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KABUL: One person injured in a explosion which was took place in Sarai Shamali area of Kabul city last night and security officials told that terrorists were trying to target the vehicle in the area.

Spokesperson of Ministry of Interior, Najid Danish confirmed that one person was injured in it and adding that a magnetic bomb planted in a vehicle went off in the area and reports indicated that driver of the vehicle was injured in it.

He further said that more details will be shared with the media after the getting the complete reports in this regard. No group so far accepted the responsibility of the attack.

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Security force repulse Taliban attack in Baghlan

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BAGHLAN: Local officials told media persons that security Forces repulsed the Taliban fighter attack in Doshi district of Baghlan Province and they were pushed back to their hideouts.

The clash was started when Taliban insurgents attacked the center of the province and dozens of people were injured in it while the others managed to flee from the area and the main highway of Baghlan-Kunduz was closed for hours because of the clash between the two groups.

Footage from a battle line close to Baghlan-Kunduz Highway shows civilians – mostly women and children – running from the area while military tanks and soldiers are firing at the Taliban.

“It was 3pm when people shouted that the Taliban has come to the street. We ran and I narrowly escaped two bullets,” said Abdul Wahid, a resident of Doshi district, who was fleeing with his family.

“No we left everything at home. We were washing the carpets when we heard the fight. I took my baby son when he was sleeping and we left our house,” said Hajira, another resident of Doshi, who was cleaning their house ahead of Eid-ul-Aha.

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Security forces took control of Janikhel

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PAKTIA: Afghan Army officials have said that they have taken the control of Janikhel district of Paktia province after conducting military operation in the area on Thursday evening.

Commander of Afghan National Army’s Corps, Major General Abdul Wase Milad said that in the military operation Commando and police took part in it and it was continued for four hours in the area and retakes the area which was fallen to Taliban 15 ago.

The Janikhel district was first fallen to Taliban on July 25 and two later forces took it back from the insurgents and later again the Taliban were in power push back the forces and take control of the area.

The security forces launched operation against the Taliban fighters and push them back to take control of the Janikhel district.

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Taliban cannot win the ongoing war in Afghanistan: Nicholson

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KABUL: The Commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General John Nicholson has said Taliban is now criminal organization and their fighters only interested in getting profits from the selling drugs, kidnapping and murdering innocent people.

This he said while addressing to press in Kabul on Thursday. General Nicholson asked the militant group to surrendered before the forces and end this war and killing innocent people because it brings lots of hardship and misery to the country.

He added that US and its allies will not fail in Afghanistan as our national security totally depends on the result of this fight and we will use any tactics to win the war and called the Taliban and other militant groups that they cannot win this war and now it’s time for the militant groups to join the peaceful people or face the consequences.

“People of Afghanistan want peace and International community is with the people in this regard as it was the mutual vision for creating better Afghanistan and world”, he said.

We were working to empower the Afghan Air Force as we know that the militants are fearing of its and they have the better reason to fear of it, he added.

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Reconciliation door is still open for everyone: Asharf Ghani

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KABUL: President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani has said his government will keep the reconciliation door opens with the aim to bring back the peace in the country.

Ghani said this while presiding over a meeting with Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior, National Security Council and the National Directorate of Security at the president house Kabul.

The participants of the meeting discussed the new US strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia. Ghani appreciated the new US policy and adding it will benefit the country and it is in the better interest of the Afghanistan and US.

Ghani added that speculations about US future strategy for Afghanistan were now a history and now the directions of policy were quite clear.

He reiterated Afghanistan wanted cordial relations with all countries of the region especially with the neighbors and adding that disturb and insecure Afghanistan was not in the favor of other countries and particularly for the neighboring countries.

He asked the militants to end their terrorists and start work in the country development as the door of reconciliation is still open for everyone.

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13 Taliban, 2 cops killed in Nooristan clashes

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ASADABAD: As many as 15 persons were killed including 13 Taliban fighters and two policemen in separate clashes in the Noorgram kamdesh districts of Nooristan province.

Hafiz Abdul Qayum, Spokesman of Nooristan Governor told media that Taliban fighters attacked on several check posts in Noorgram district and clash was started among the forces and Taliban fighter in a result 11 Taliban and two policemen were killed but the Taliban were failed to capture any of post in the area.

Similarly, In Kamdesh district, Hafiz Abdul Qayum said that Taliban also attacked a police post and injuring four cops. While in cross firing two Taliban were killed and two others were injured.

Meanwhile, Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told media that Taliban capture three police posts in the Noorgram district and killed 23 cops in the clash and dozens others were injured and he added that Taliban also lost one of their fighter.

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Seven injured in grenades attack

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KABUL: At least seven persons were injured after the miscreants thrown four grenades at a police check post in Kot-i-Sangi area of Kabul city.

The eye witness said that all the victims were civilians and miscreants thrown the grenades indiscriminate on the people, however the officials did not commented on the incident and yet no arrest was made in this regard.

No militant or any group has claimed the responsibility of the grenade attack.


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Five killed, 40 injured in Helmand suicide attack

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HELMAND: As many as five persons including three soldiers were killed and 40 others were injured in suicide bomb attack in Lashkargah city of Helmand province on Wednesday.

Omar Zwak, Governor Spokesman confirmed that five persons were killed including three soldiers in the suicide attack. He added that the incident was happened outside the police headquarter which is close to a religious Madrassa this is why most of the injured were Madrassa students.

The suicide bombing was happened when the number of military vehicles was approaching the police headquarters at the time. As per the media reports Taliban group claimed the responsibility of the suicide attack in Helmand.

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Karzai strongly rejects new US strategy for Afghanistan

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KABUL: Former Afghan President, Hamid Karzai has strongly rejected the new US strategy for Afghanistan and Central Asia and termed it that it is against the national interest of the Afghanistan.

This he said while issuing a statement after the US President Donald Trump announces new US strategy for Afghanistan and South central Asia. Former President Karzai added that the new strategy was only to bringing more war to the country and peace and prosperity is excluding in it, the US is not extending peace and stability to Afghanistan but wanted to bringing more conflict and bloodshed to Afghanistan and in the region.

Karzai further criticized the US administration for only thinking of their own interest and leaving the Afghan interest and by applying the new strategy it will bring war and bloodshed to the Country.