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10 cops killed, 18 injured in Taliban attacks

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LASHKARGAH: Police officials confirmed that at least 10 police men were killed and 18 others were injured in a with Taliban in Nawa district of Helmand province.

Chairman, District Development Council, Attiqullah told local that the Taliban gunmen attacked security check posts in Khalach area of Nawa district and take control of four posts including Parchawi, Sardar Wali, a military base and a security checkpoint. He added that 10 policemen were killed and 18 others were injured including a local police commander Sardar Wali.

The roads and higway of the area were closed during the gun fighting in Nawa and Lashkargah areas as the Taliban opened fire on the civilian vehicles in different locations.

Governor Helmand and other high officials visited the Nawa area and officials with him confirmed that 10 cops were killed and more than 20 others wounded in Taliban attacks. Taliban gunmen shot and destroyed the District Police Chief Muhammad Rasool in which he was sustained minor injuries.

the security forces took back the three check post from the Taliban but still check post is in the control of Taliban.

Taliban Spokesperson Qari Muhammad Yousaf Ahmadi said that Taliban fighters killed 17 cops and destroyed three vehicles in the fight.

On the other side, Taliban spokesman Qari Muhammad Yousaf Ahmadi said that their fighters attacked a military base in Nawa district last night. Seventeen security personnel were killed and three vehicles were destroyed in the gunfight, he claimed.

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Trump taken decision on Afghanistan

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WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump said that after meeting an consultation with the Army General at Camp David, the decision on Afghanistan has been taken.

Donald Trump share his views on social media site Twitter and adding that he spent a important day with the army generals and leaders at camp David to discuss the key factors and issues regarding Afghanistan and finally the decision has been taken one Afghanistan but he did not share the details of the decision.

Since Donald Trump took charge as President of USA, the discussion has been under way to form a new strategy for Afghanistan. Some media organization claimed that US were discussing on three options  including increase of security troops, handing over the Afghan war to Black Water and third and final withdrawal of  security forces from  Afghanistan.

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23 Taliban killed operations in 13 provinces: MoD

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KABUL: Ministry of Defense (MoD) claimed that as many as 23 Taliban insurgents were killed or injured in last 24 hours in operation conducted against the anti state elements.

As per the statement issued from the MoD, the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) initiated 17 planned operations, 22 special operations, 1 night raid, and 10 airstrikes in the past twenty four hours against the armed terrorists with the aim to eliminate them from the area.

MoD claimed that in the operation against the Taliban in which they suffered heavy losses in Ghor province and 10 taliban were killed and five others were injured. The forces also killed 4 insurgents in Jani Khel and three others killed and one injured in Nawa district of Helmand during operations.

However, the Taliban groups have not commented on the statement MoD in this regard.

The Afghan forces claimed that the operations against the anti state elements will be continue till the elimination of last terrorist from the country.

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Ghani wants to bring changes in current Higher Education System

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KABUL: Afghanistan’s President Ashraf Ghani has said that the country current higher education systems was not capable to fulfill the economic and political requirements of the country and now it is time to bring changes in it in the better interest of the youth.

Ghani called the authorities for systemic change in the higher education system to produce quality professional which can fulfill the requirements of the country needs in the any field and played their role in constructing a developed Afghanistan.

President said this while to an event organized at start of new academic year at Kabul. He added that education must needs to be provided in national language both in Farsi and Pashto as it the developed countries also travel on the road of development by adopting their own languages.

We need to realize the new challenges of today’s world and we need to bring constructive changes in the current higher education system of the country with the aim to equipped our youth with the knowledge of economic, political and administrative”, President said.

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One killed, two injured in IED blast

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KHOST: One person killed and two more were injured in IED bomb blast in Khost city.

Khost Police Chief, Faizullah Ghirat told media that an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) which was fixed in the civilian vehicle went off in Khost city in which one person killed and two others were injured.

Meanwhile, Director Public Health Khost, Dr Qareeb Shah Ansari confirmed that hospital had received one body and two injured. The deceased was nephew of Noroz Mangal, former captain of Afghanistan national cricket team.

However, a family member of Noroz Mangal told AIP that the deceased was not his nephew rather he was his brother-in-law (Husband of sister). He owned a shop in Khost city. He said he did not know as who was involved in the matter as they have no enmity with anyone. No one has claimed responsibility for the bombing so far.



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Taliban killed two cops, captured 4 others in attack

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QANDAHAR: Taliban armed men killed two police officials including a commander and captured four others in a attack in Shah Walikot district of Qandahar province.

Zia Durrani, spokesman of Kandahar police told media that the Taliban fighters attacked a police post in the Shah Joyee area of Shah Walikot district in the night and killed two police men including commander of the post identified as Said Muhammad and captured four other cops in the attacks

While talking to media outlet, Spokesperson of Taliban claimed the responsibility of the attack and said that six policemen including a commander were killed in the attacks and four others were captured. He added that fighter from Taliban was also killed and other was injured in the attacks.

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Protestors condemns civilian killing in US air strikes

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JALALABAD: Dozens of People protested against US airstrike in Haska Mena of district Nangarhar province in which 16 civilians were killed including women and children.

The protestors gathered in front of the Governor’s House in Jalalabad and demanded from the government to ensure the security of the civilian and unarmed people during operations and airstrike.

In the last week US airstrike in Haska district of Jalalabad province, the protestors claim that more than 16 civilians including women and children were died and they have nothing to do with the insurgency.

The local people and officials confirmed that the deceased were innocent civilian while the foreign forces claiming that the killed persons were Daesh insurgents.

They warned the government to stop such incidents in future otherwise they will be compelled to block the Torkham-Jalalabad highway in protest.


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Hekmatyar condemn pro-Iran media for sparking tensions among armed group

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KABUL: Chief of Hezb-e-Islami, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar strongly condemned some local media organization which were trying to safeguard the Iran benefits in our and igniting the tension among different armed group in the country.

He criticized the reports that were published regarding the deadly clashes among the Taliban and ISIS group and further that the party will side with ISIS which is totally baseless and false propaganda and it will further spark the clashes among these groups.

Hezb-e-Islami statement said that such rumors and media reports are only spreading with the aimed to further ignite the tensions among the different sects and groups and makes the Afghanistan a war forever and benefits some neighboring country.


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12 killed, 13 injured in Taliban & IS clash

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JALALABAD:  Local Police of Ghor said that at least 25 Taliban and Islamic State-Khorasan faction fighters were killed or injured in a clash between them in Ghor Province.

Iqbal Nizami, Spokesperson of Ghor Police said that the clash was started between the two outlaw groups in Ferozshah, capital of Ghor Province which lasted for several hours. He added that 12 gunmen were killed and 13 others from both the groups were injured and among the killed militants, he also confirmed that Taliban shadow governor for Heart, Mullah Sibghatullah and Daesh Commander Mullah Abdul Shakoor were the deceased persons.

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Noor criticizes Stanikzai, Atmar

KABUL (Khaama Press): The provincial governor of the northern Balkh province Ata Mohammad Noor harshly criticized the national security adviser Mohammad Hanif Atmar and the national directorate of security chief Mohammad Stanikzai after clashes in Balkh airport that left at least two people dead.

In a short statement posted on his official Facebook page, Noor accused the two top security officials of hatching conspiracies to destabilize the northern Balkh province.

Noor said Balkh has been among the relatively calm and peaceful provinces and conspiracies involving plans and projects to destabilize the province should be refrained from. This comes as a clash broke out in Balkh airport in northern Afghanistan during the arrest of the provincial council member Asif Momand.

Momand was arrested in Balkh international airport days after he had accused Ata M. Noor of being involved in massive corruption.

The Balkh security chief Syed Kamal Sadat confirmed that Momand was arrested and at least two of security guards were killed while two security personnel were wounded.

Balkh governor spokesman Munir Farhad said Momand is accused of having role in the corruption and has been arrested on orders of the judicial institutions.

Another security official said clashes between the security forces and the guards of Momand broke out after he resisted to hand himself over for the extradition to Kabul.