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Jagga Jasoos actress found dead at home

GURGAON (AFP): Bidisha Bezbaruah who acted in Jagga Jasoos was found dead at her residence here on Monday evening.

Police had been informed by the father of the actress that she had not been receiving his calls. Police investigated the matter and found Bidisha hanging from a ceiling fan in her apartment. No suicide note was recovered.

He father had claimed in his complaint that Bidisha had a love marriage but would often fight with her husband. Her husband has been arrested after the complaint.

Investigation teams are examining Bidisha’s social networking accounts and mobile phone.

A native of Assam and well known TV personality, Bidisha Bezbaruah had recently appeared in a supporting role in the Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif starrer Jagga Jasoos.

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Karan Johar admits he was ungraceful and that Kangana is self-made

New York (AFP): Sense finally prevails as filmmaker Karan Johar decided to acknowledge that his ‘joke’ aimed at Kangana Ranaut was not graceful and that the young actor is self-made and talented.

Speaking to media in New York about his comments on nepotism made at the IIFA Awards, Karan expressed regret over the ‘joke’ he made and took full responsibility for it.

Karan, 45, and actors Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan have been criticised for chanting ‘Nepotism rocks’ at the award show in New York last weekend, seen as a jibe at Kangana. Speaking to Media, Johar said, “Of course I don’t believe that nepotism rocks. Of course, I believe that only talent rocks. If anything that rocks, it’s your talent, hard work and conviction. It’s the energy you bring to your job. What we said was meant to be a joke, which I think has been misplaced, misunderstood and I think it went wrong. I regret it.”

Varun Dhawan, who won an award for Best Actor in a Comic Role, tweeted an apology yesterday, but Karan Johar told Media that it was his idea. “The idea of that joke was entirely mine, so I take onus of the idea of what we said,” he admitted. “And I think we went a bit too far with the Kangana mention.” The three men – all sons of Bollywood insiders – invoked each other’s famous parent on stage at IIFA, ending by chorusing “Nepotism rocks.” It has been seen as a taunt directed at Kangana, who told Karan on his show Koffee with Karan earlier this year that he was ‘the flag-bearer of nepotism’ in Bollywood.

“No matter what I say or feel about my issues with what Kangana said on my talk show Koffee with Karan, I think I was raised to be a dignified, a chivalrous, and a decent person,” said Karan while speaking to Media “That’s the upbringing that I was given and I feel that I failed on those accounts. I felt that no matter what my thoughts or personal issues on this, I should not have repeatedly brought that up. For that, I’m deeply regretful.”

Twitter was scathing in its reaction to the IIFA set piece, and was particularly critical of the fact that the joke was made in Kangana’s absence – the Queen actress was not at the IIFA weekend and rarely attends award ceremonies. Karan told Media that the joke may have been in poor taste but the intention was not to hurt. “It was something that we said in humour, it may be terrible humour, bad humour, misplaced humour, but our intention was not to hurt anyone,” he said. “That very core is what failed. Then I got carried away in the moment and I regret that.”

Johar, who has addressed the charge of nepotism in his column, has now had his last word: “I want to once and for all say and close this chapter after this and subsequently I will not speak about nepotism nor Kangana because it would be disrespectful to her and it would be ungraceful at my end, which I’ve already been. Nepotism is easy access, nobody can deny that, but what you do with that access is what moulds you into a professional.” Karan, who heads the hugely successful Dharma Productions, last directed 2016 film Ae Dil Hai Mushkil.

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‘Despacito’ declared most streamed song ever

NEW YORK (AFP): Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito,” whose reggaeton beat has swept the globe, on Wednesday was named the most streamed song of all time.

The song’s label, Universal Music Latin Entertainment, said “Despacito” in its original and remixed versions had reached 4.6 billion streams across platforms including YouTube and Spotify.

“Despacito” — which features Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee — went viral soon after its release in January and found an even wider audience in April when pop celebrity Justin Bieber appeared in a remix.

“Despacito” dethroned another track with Bieber, the Canadian’s 2015 song “Sorry,” which has 4.38 billion plays, according to Universal.

“Despacito” — which means “slowly” in Spanish — has spent 10 weeks at number one on the US singles chart, the first Spanish-language song to reach the top spot since “Macarena” in 1996.

“Streaming is a connector for audiences worldwide and it has helped my music reach every corner of the planet,” Fonsi said in a statement.

Lucian Grainge, chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, the world’s largest label conglomerate, called “Despacito” the biggest hit of 2017.

“Streaming has opened up the possibility of a song with a different beat, from a different culture and in a different language to become a juggernaut of success around the world,” Grainge said in a statement.

Reggaeton — which has roots in Jamaican dance hall and hip-hop — has historically provided a voice to black Puerto Ricans and has been shunned by the US territory’s elite.

Streaming — the on-demand selection of music online — has rapidly grown in recent years.

No central body combines streaming data across all platforms, giving leeway to labels to announce figures and feats.

“Despacito” has soared on YouTube where it is already the fourth most watched video ever at 2.66 billion views.

While popular on Spotify, it was in 39th place on the all-time list Wednesday.

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Shah Rukh is ‘shy, introverted and pathetic at relationships’

NEW DELHI (Web Desk): Shah Rukh Khan is known as the chocolate hero of Bollywood, with a huge fan following who has been enjoying his romantic flicks since more than two decades.

In a recent interview, however, King Khan has said that he is “pathetic with relationships” and “extremely closeted, introverted, shy, reclusive and completely shut off” about his emotions.

“I am so pathetic that I am comic,” he told an Indian news agency.

He went on to say that in real life he prefers not being expressive and hides his emotion unlike his roles in various films, which are mostly romantic and even cheesy sometimes.

“I am extremely one-sided, perhaps even selfish. Actually, I am very detached. I am demotional – emotional and detached, I don’t know how it works. I won’t be able to say anything that I’ve done in my films to a girl, or even in relationships,” he said.

While Shah Rukh has ruled millions of hearts with his chocolate hero roles, he has equally justified intense, challenging roles. He told the Indian publication that he enjoys choosing roles that are starkly different from how he is in real life.

“I don’t have to believe in it, I have to make you believe in it and that’s a challenge always… An actor always goes for something that he is not. It’s a vent. I want to be a Batman, a Spider-Man, a fire fighter, an evil conniving Don and I want to be the greatest lover in the world. And I am not any of these,” he said.

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Ali Zafar’s brother to debut with Momina Mustehsan in Coke Studio

KARACHI (Web Desk): Ali zafar’s lil gem Danyal Zafar is set to perform his two debut songs in coke studio – Pakistan musical series that will be on soft/pop rock and blues genre. He will be seen with Momina Mustehan and will feature as instrument artist for his second performance.

In a press release it was divulged that Danyal chose Coke Studio because it is the biggest music platform of the country and it is the best way to reach to people rapidly with your voice.

Zafar is currently working on his debut album and also serving as a music director for his brother s upcoming film, Teefa in Trouble.

Talking to media, Ali Zafar told that he started promoting his film way before the release since his brother was doing main debut songs and this initiative would help him prove himself a better artist.

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Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil’s to be remade by Hollywood

NEW DELHI (Web Desk): The creators of Kaabil are in talks for the obtainment of the change rights. The film was created by Hrithik s dad Rakesh Roshan and featured Yami Gautam as heroin.

We have been hearing for decades that Bollywood has always been under the ‘influence’ of Hollywood and has followed their footsteps since forever but this time it’s vice versa. Hrithik Roshan’s starrer Kaabil reached 20th Century Fox for a Hollywood remake and the organisation is discussing the re-erect rights. Kaabil,¬ a movie which rotates around a blind man who tends to take revenge for his wife who was raped, was produced by Hrithik’s father Rakesh Roshan and also starred Yami Gautam in the lead role.

Kaabil’s producer gave his take on Hollywood’s remake saying the script was insistent and the remake would be magnificent for Hollywood. Moreover, the movie had enough emotions to get straight into audience’s hearts. It struck gold in the cinematic world since it was about an outwardly hindered partner looking for exact vengeance for his wife.

In an interview with Mid-day Kaabil director, Sanjay Gupta talked about Kaabil’s achievement and told “It’s true that Fox, through Tomas Jegeus has approached Hrithik. Even though the developments are too premature to talk about at this moment, it is an honour for the team. What is also exciting is that Kaabil has been declared the best film of (the first half of) 2017 via an online poll. So, it’s a double win for us.” He further added that Kaabil had mix reviews and was released alongside Shahrukh’s Raees yet it received expected box office collection.

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Meera takes poetry book as ‘English Grammar’

LAHORE (NNI): Pakistani film actress Meera took poetry book ‘Democracy is the Best Revenge’ as English Grammar.

A picture of Meera, holding the book along with the caption that her fans can improve their English by reading this book of a friend, took the social media by storm.

Talking to media, book’s author A. K. Rasheed requested Meera not to misguide readers and that he never had any kind of introduction with the actress so how can he be her friend.

The book has 46 poems on different topics.

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Pakistan movie Sawaan touches hearts in Madrid

Pakistani movie, Saawan, received the Best Foreign Language Feature Film during the award ceremony of Madrid International Film Festival, which was held from July 8 to July 15.

Directed by Farhan Alam, Saawan touches upon the true story of a child with physical disabilities. The film is a “quest for survival” and a tale of struggle and survival against all odds.

Shot in a barren wasteland, Saawan, on the basis of its trailer, seems to be a journey of this child, who initially feels helpless because of his disability, but eventually rises above evils that surround him.

The film that seems to depict harsh realities of life may prove to be inspiring for people with disabilities.

The film stars Karam Hussain, Arif Bahalim, Najeeba Faiz, Imran Aslam, Saleem Mairaj, Tipu Yorguc, Hafeez Ali, Shahid Nizami among others. Written by Mashood Qadri, Saawan is slated to hit theatres this July.

Other movies nominated in the same category included Beyond Boundaries, Organic Love Stories, Gravity, Mawlana (The Preacher), 2001: While Kubrick was in Space, Vaishnavi, The Bodyguard, CALIBRO 10- Mafia Decalogue, Road to the Sky, Home Away, Beneath the Silence, Chokolietta, The Cat in the Closet, Fresh Water, Inbaifu, Patria ”The Legend of Otger de Cataló and the Nine Barons of Fame” and 20 Years.

The trailer of the movie can be seen on movie’s official website. The movie is expected to release on August 11 across the country.


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Bollywood’s biggest stars shine at India film awards

EAST RUTHERFORD (AFP): India’s biggest Bollywood stars lit up an American stadium Saturday with a dazzling celebration of dance, music and fashion at the International Indian Film Academy awards just outside New York.

Held each year in a different city overseas, IIFA is India’s biggest media event and one of the world’s most-watched annual entertainment shows, with an audience of nearly 800 million people.

Thousands of delighted fans, dressed to the nines in evening gowns, cocktail dresses, saris and jewel-encrusted shalwar kameez, shrieked with delight as the awards got underway at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, a short drive from New York.

A Donald Trump impersonator, introduced as Ronald Grump, tried to lead the crowd in a few strains of song, before actress Alia Bhatt whipped the audience into a frenzy, cheering an upbeat song and signature Bollywood moves with backup dancers in neon costumes.

Fellow A-listers Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Shahid Kapoor, Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon are also expected to perform.

Hosted by Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan and producer-director Karan Johar, it is the culmination of a three-day festival, which kicked off with a fashion show and music in Times Square.

On Friday, the heavens opened during a concert honoring A.R. Rahman, the movie composer who won two Oscars in 2009 for “Slumdog Millionaire” and a green carpet parade of stars in their finery was canceled at the last minute owing to the poor weather.

This year marks the 18th edition of the awards, which some dub the Oscars of Bollywood, at a time of growth for Indian film in North America.

Insiders attribute the increase to the thriving Indian economy, bigger budgets, an increasing South Asian diaspora, and growing popularity among Afghans, Arabs, Russians and Caribbean immigrants.

Increased crossover with Indian stars such as Priyanka Chopra taking on Hollywood is giving India more global exposure.

But if IIFA’s hopes to reach out to new audiences by holding its awards ceremony each year overseas, it still has some way to penetrate non-South Asian audiences in the United States.

“The world needs Bollywood movies,” actor Anil Kapoor of “Slumdog Millionaire” fame told AFP on the green carpet Saturday, praising their “happiness, smiles, laughter, dance, celebration.”

As for the awards themselves “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” (“This Heart is Complicated”) leads the way with eight nominations followed by “M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story”, a biopic of former Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, which is nominated for seven awards.

Dubbed Bollywood’s Oscars by some, although critics say the awards themselves do not enjoy the same stature.

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Not jealous of appreciation that Saba Qamar is getting: Mahira Khan

KARACHI (NNI): Stunning Pakistani actress Mahira Khan has said that she is not jealous of the appreciation that Saba Qamar is receiving.

In a statement, Mahira Khan said that people prefer to watch drama instead of films and that she also got fame from drama industry.

Hamsafar drama was the reason of what I am today, she added. She said that she is not signing any drama due to her busy schedule but she will soon make comeback whenever she gets time.

Mahira said its not true that she is jealous of Saba Qamar, she is a Pakistani artist and performed outstandingly in Hindi Medium.

Expressing her happiness over getting award at Beirut International Festival, Mahira said she is thankful to the jury and all the administration for considering her.

Moreover, she also advised the artists to continue good work for the recognition of the country.