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Residents protest against taxes on dry fruits

Shahzada Wazir

WANA: Elders, students and all political parties jointly took out protest rally against the untimely imposition of taxes on invaluable pine nuts dry fruit at Raghzai bazaar near Pak-afghan border today and Pak-Afghan road was blocked for kind of traffic for two hours.

Prominent elders of Ahmadzai Wazir, Malik Baz Gul, Malik Sanaullah, Malik Qasim Jan and Malik Abdul hakim khan said on the occasion that they were not against the government, but the decision to levy tax on  pine nuts dry fruit was not acceptable to them. They further said that the newly constructed agri-park was not properly functional and it is now wet. If pine nuts are stored in the present wet agri-park, then pine nuts would naturally reduce weight owing wet walls of the recently constructed agri-park near Wana bazaar.

ANP leader Muhammad Ayaz Wazir said while addressing the gathering of tribesmen at Raghzai bazaar that government has not provided the required facilities to the tribesmen they could not bear to the immediate imposition of taxes on pine nuts in the present time of price hike.

Pine nuts forests in the area are the largest forests in south Asia and government should not compel owners to pay taxes as these forests are source of earning a great foreign exchange for the country, he added.

PPP president South Waziristan told the participants that solution of this problem was impossible through jirgas with political administration. At last all political parties and elders agreed to continue their protests if the issue was not solved according to the wishes of tribesmen.



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Police arrest two outlaws from Mardan

F.P. Report

MARDAN: Police arrested two members of outlaw organization in a crackdown in Mardan on Thursday and recovered banned pamphlets from their possessions.

The Special force of police conducted operation on tip-off in Charsaddar Chowk area of Mardan and arrested two persons of banned organization, one identified as Aziz-u-Din from Afghanistan.

Police seized the pamphlets and shifted the arrested persons to unknown place for further investigation.



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Two terrorists killed in CTD encounter in Multan

F.P. Report

MULTAN: The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) conducted an operation in Sher Shah Bund area of Multan and killed two alleged terrorists.

CTD officials told that the raid was conducted on the intelligence reports that some suspected terrorists were hiding in the area. The terrorists were affiliated to banned outfit in the area and as the CTD team reached the spot the alleged suspects opened fire on them.

In exchange of gunfire between the Police and terrorists , two terrorists were killed while the remaining three managed to escape from the scene.

Police recovered cache of weapons and explosives from their possession.






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Two female students killed, 15 injured in road accident

A.R. Abid Bunery

BUNER: At least two female students were killed and fifteen others were injured when a coach of private school faced a road accident at Tangoo Chowk Bajkatta area of Buner on Wednesday.

As per details, the mini coach bearing NCP.AD 294 number of Khudija Public School & College carrying students to schools entered into shops near Tangoo chowk Bajkatta area early morning. Two female students identified as Kalsoom Bibi student of 9th class resident of Shalbandi area and Robina Bibi student of 1st year from Amnawar village and fifteen others were injured.

Police arrested the coach driver identified as Syed Sajjad Ali Shah of Shalbandi and he was blamed for over speeding and the accident was happened just because of his carelessness during driving.

The two serious injured students namely Gulalai, and Saweera shifted to Peshawar due to precarious health condition while Amna, Maryam, Minha were admitted at DHQ hospital Daggar for long treatment.

The others were sent to homes after getting medical treatment at DHQ Daggar and RHC Dewana Baba, the police, hospital and family sources confirmed.

The Gagra police confirmed that the case against the driver was registered on the complaint of one Fazal Raziq, uncle of the killed student Kalsoom.

The inhabitants of the district have expressed deep concern over this tragic accident and pointed out that most of the public schools transports were out dated and in dilapidated condition while the young driver’s trend to carry young school students was time and again brought into the notice of the concerned but to no avail.

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Education plays important role in the socio-economic development of society


Rafiullah Mandokhail

ZHOB: “Despite cries over the lack of facilities, professional trainings, unsatisfactory salaries and other problems attached to the noble profession of teaching, the teachers yet playing their active role to educate the society in remote and backward area Gustoi union council”, said Safar Muhammad Mandokhail- Chairman Government Teachers Association (GTA) Zhob.

He termed the teachers an important segment of the society and said that the Education plays a very important role in the socio-economic development of a nation, enabling individuals to make informed decisions, improves their choices and develops their potentials to play productive roles in the society.

Chairman GTA further said that in the rural areas of Zhob particularly in union council Gustoi, the teachers perform their duties with honesty, sincerity and devotion in far-flung union council. There has been a drastic improvement in the recent years as all primary and secondary schools are fully functional and the teachers are present in their respective schools, he said.

Hard work and sincerity of teachers with their noble profession play an important role in increasing enrolment and retaining students in the backward union council. But the government yet to take bold and innovative steps to improve the state of education in these areas, as many schools in the area still lack facilities including boundary walls, washrooms, electricity and even drinking water.

“Due to scattered population and absence of transport facility, the teachers in mountainous and remote areas have to cover long distances on foot”, he lamented.



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Pakistan renders great sacrifices for restoration of peace: Commandant DTF

F.P. Report

TIMERGARA: The newly posted commandant Dir Task Force colonel Shehzad Aamir has said that both the security forces and public had rendered great sacrifices for restoration of peace in the conflict hit areas of the region.

Addressing a function of elders at Lal Qila Maidan here on Wednesday the commandant appreciated the role of local people in flushing out militants. The function was arranged by the Maidan battalion which was also attended by operational in charge Lt. Colonel Umar Rashid Chudhry, assistant commissioner Maidan Jamal ud Din, tehsil nazim Bakhtiar Khan, and representatives of local government and area elders.

The commandant said the country was leading toward lasting peace on which the nation should be grateful to Al-Mighty Allah. He said the security forces and public had rendered matchless sacrifices for peace and state integrity. He asked the people to educate their children as it was the best fight against the menace of terrorism. He also asked the people to continue their cooperation with security forces in the area for better future of their children.

The commandant also distributed gifts among girl students of a school in Maidan.

Also in the day a free eye camp was jointly set up by the Pakistan army and Al-Shifa eye Trust Rawalpindi at Khanpur area of Adenzai. People from the area including women, children and aged persons were examined by experts of the Trust on the occasion. The patients were also provided with free of cost medicines and spectacles. Nearly 400 patients were provided with free treatment. The commandant Dir Task force colonel Shehzad Aamir along with Lt. Colonel Abbas Ali visited the camp and expressed satisfaction on the activities. Speaking on the occasion the commandant said that provision of relief to people of far flung areas was the mission of Pakistan army


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ANP leadership blamed for distribution of gas connections on political grounds in Dir

F.P. Report

TIMERGARA:  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Women wing Lower Dir president and member of district council Ms Saira Shamsul Qamar on Wednesday announced her party would launch a protest campaign in the district if distribution of gas connections on political ground were not stopped.

Speaking at a news conference at the Timergara press club, she complained that gas connections in the area were being distributed among blue eyed people by the Awami national Party leadership. The PTI tehsil councillor Kashif Kamal, yoth councillor Timergara Tauseef Shah and youth wing secretary information Amjad Hussain were also present on the occasion.

Ms Saira said the SNGPL authorities had been providing gas connections to people on the recommendation of ANP central spokesman and former senator Zahid Khan. She said the ANP leadership was asking people to hoist its flag on their houses.

“Several houses around my residence having ANP flags have got gas connections,” she said, adding that she was too asked to join the ANP and get gas connection.

The PTI woman worker said she had applied for gas connection as per requisites but was constantly denied. “I am being mentally tortured for getting gas connection that is immoral and illegal,” she said. She demanded of the SNGPL high ups to take notice of the matter and provide gas connections to consumers without any discrimination. Ms Saira said she would never join the ANP for gas connection but would fight for the right of poor people in the area.

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Fake female Pir killed her elder son in Sheikhupura

F.P. Report

SHEIKHUPURA: A brutal and self proclaimed female pir killed her elder son namely Zeeshan in Sheikhupura here on Wednesday.

As per details, Tanvir Fatima, residents of Ferozwala with the help of her younger son identified as Rizwan, tied her elder son and killed him with sticks.

Police reached the crime scene after getting information regarding the incident and arrested both the suspect’s mother and son.

During the interrogation, the arrested confess her crime and said that an elderly man told here in dream for the sacrifice of her son and adding that with the help of younger she killed Zeeshan on the promise that the elderly man will make him alive.

Police told that the woman is also accused of dacoity in the area and killing and she had also killed her husband six year ago.


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Measles-outbreak, 7 children suffering from the disease in Sherani

Rafiullah Mandokhail

ZHOB: At least seven cases of measles have been reported in far-flung mountainous areas Lagharai Bayanzai and Zharbazhai Sherani – lacking health facilities. Hajra, Rehmatullah, Asia, Abida, Abdul Khaliq and Bibi are suffering from the disease for few days.

The area people alleged that the entire focus of the government and Health department was on the anti-polio campaign, while no measures were being taken to prevent other viral diseases.

“The poor quality and ailing routine vaccination program are the factors in the surge of measles cases. The recent cases indicate that the measles surveillance system is not up to the mark”, said an official who wished not be named.

Meanwhile, District Health Officer Dr. Arif Shah has told reporters that medical teams have been dispatched to the affected areas on emergency basis and all necessary measures would take place to cope with the situation and immunize the children.

“Anti-measles vaccination drive has been completed in Shin Ghar, Kapip, Ahmedi Darga, Mughal Kot and Dhana Sar areas”, DHO said, adding routine immunization for children was highly effective in preventing measles.

“Despite the scattered population, we leave no stone unturned to immunize children against the infectious disease” he added.

The bordering districts have been witnessing a significant increase in the number of children affected by measles in recent months. In December, nine children suffering from measles in different areas of Murgha Kibzai Zhob had lost their lives.

It is worth mentioning that measles is a respiratory infection caused by a virus that can spread through contact with droplets from the nose, mouth or throat of an infected person. Sneezing and coughing can release contaminated droplets into the air. Children who suffer from measles may experience complications including pneumonia, blindness, deafness, ear infection and diarrhea.


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Teacher’s community to resist westernization of school syllabus and privatization of education

F.P. Report

TIMERGARA: Speakers of a two day educational conference have urged teachers’ community to strongly resist privatization and westernization of education in Pakistan and prepare the coming generation to serve the nation in a better way.

The two day divisional education conference which concluded at the Ahya ul Uloom Balambat here on Monday was organized by the Tanzeem e Asateza Lower Dir chapter, a teachers’ wing affiliated with Jamaat-i-Islami.

The organization central general secretary Hamid ul Haq, provincial president Khairullah Hawari, KP finance minister Muzafar Syed, MPA Izaz ul Mulk Afkari, Tanzeem e Asateza Pakistan former president Syed Jehan Badshah and others addressed the conference. Teachers from Lower Dir, Upper Dir, Chitral and Bajaur Agency participated.

The speakers said that some hidden powers wanted to change schools’ syllabus and privatize the education sector. They termed it an attack on education. They said the Tanzeem e Asateza was keenly observing the situation and it would not allow anyone to bring changes or westernize schools’ syllabus. The speakers said that class room was a post for teacher and he should use it for producing good Muslim citizen. They asked the participants to get the knowledge of the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah and prepare the nation in the light of that knowledge.

They said that Pakistan had been an ideological state that came into being on the name of Islam. “We will strongly resist westernization of our school curriculum and privatization of education sector,” Khairullah Hawari said, adding the teachers’ community had rejected the proposed education act 2017 of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government.

The teachers also demanded unconditional approval of their time scale promotion, regularization of ad hoc teachers and up-gradation of various posts.