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Speakers urged the KP government to provide protection to women and children

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Speakers in a seminar argued the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to provide protection to the women, children and transgender society and demanded to appoint ombudsperson for KP and provide equal rights to the vulnerable societies.

Strengthening the protection system for women and transgender in KP was the theme of the seminar organized by Dastak Charitable Trust in Peshawar on Tuesday at a local hotel.

Maryam Bibi, shared that civil society members need to channel their collective efforts towards the eradication of violence against women and transgender, focus on changing mindsets. She added that domestic violence is not private matter but an issue of public concern and must be recognized as such.

Secretary Provincial Commission on the Status of Women shared that the Commission is working at multiple levels on women protection and has started a Violence against Women pilot program in KP under which they will identify and address gaps in the medico-legal system, police and judiciary, establish a media cell and helpline for female victims of violence and setup 25 District Committees on the Status of Women out of which 23 have been notified already.

Saba Shaikh, Executive Director, Dastak shared that a strong protection system constitutes of effectives laws, social policies, easy access to justice, effective criminal justice system, rights-based advocacy and protection services such as shelters and crisis centers.

She added that shelters can play an important role in safeguarding the rights of women and government level shelters must adopt human-rights friendly SOPs to fully protect women in difficult circumstances and uphold their fundamental rights.

Farzana Jan president of transgender KP and the first transgender passport holder in the country, shared the story of her struggles for attaining better living standard in KP, highlighting that transgender lack adequate economic opportunities.

Tahira Kalim, said that according to the latest census there are only 10,000 transgender in entire country, which is an extremely conservative figure. She attributed this low figure to the stigma attached to declaring oneself as a transgender because of which most simply never disclose themselves as transgender.

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Dengue fever: Death toll rises to 34 in KP

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Another dengue patient died in Peshawar on Monday and the death toll from the dengue fever reached to 34 in the province. The residents of Peshawar from all walks of life protested against the government for not taking the appropriate measures to control the dengue disease in the provincial capital.

Dengue Response Unit told media that 14-year-old Muzammil died of dengue virus at Khyber Teaching Hospital. He was admitted to the hospital on September 20.

Currently 276 patients of dengue are admitted in different hospitals of KP for treatment.

Meanwhile, the residents of Peshawar protested against the provincial government for not taking the appropriate steps to stop the dengue fever in Peshawar and they blocked the main Jamrud road in Peshawar in a protest.

The protestors said that provincial government was only issuing statements and dengue virus claiming precious lives and they didn’t doing anything for the safety of poor masses in this regard.

The protestors demanded that government needs to provide Rs 1 million to the deceased family and Rs 50,000 for the patients. The protestors chanted slogans against the provincial government on the occasion.

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World Cancer Day Observed, Peshawar is on the top with 228 patients

Wisal Yousafzai

PESHAWAR: 20-year old Amir resident of Mechani Momand Agency was diagnosed from Cancer in 2010 and it was shocking news for his father who was a driver but while getting treatment from Hayatabad Medical Oncology Department he came back to a normal life.

“I was diagnosed for cancer by the doctors and in 2010 we get treatment for one year from Al-Shifa hospital Islamabad but later when cancer treatment facility started in HMC in 20111 we get treatment from here”, Amir added.

These views was shared in a local hotel on the WORLD Cancer Day organized by Hayatabad Medical Complex Oncology Department with the support of Novartis Pharmaceutical Company as the day was observed with the theme “ Today and Tomorrow”.

Talking on the occasion Senior Minister Health Shahram Khan Tarakai said that his mother was also patients of cancer and he was emotionally attach with cancer patient and can feel their wounds.

He informed that KP government made revolutionary steps in health sector and introduces Board of Governor in the hospitals while more than ten thousands doctors were recruited in the province as 95 % doctors were now available in all the hospital of the province.

He further added that KP government introduce Sehat Insaf Card for the poor patients of the province and the scheme providing free health facility to 70 % population of the province, adding that in the next year one corer and 92 lack population of the province will get treatment from the facility.

He announce that KP government will provide all supportive medicines to the cancer patients, adding that KP government will take all steps for the treatment of cancer patients.

Head of Oncology Department Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar Professor Dr. Abid Jameel while sharing the figure of death from cancer said that it was the second disease worldwide which was cause of death while in 2030 around 2,030, 27 million people will diagnosed from cancer in which 17 million people will die.

He further informed that 60 % patients belong to developing countries while 90 % patients can’t afford treatment, adding that in Pakistan every year 0.2 million people diagnosed from cancer while in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa every year from 5000 to 6000 patients were diagnosed.

Professor Abid Jameel added that from 0.5 million rupees start of cancer treatment up to 4 million rupees which can’t afford by a poor family.

He informed that since from 2011 Oncology department HMC start treatment of cancer as now the government of KP expanded the treatment to all cancer treatment including breast cancer , blood cancer, Kidney Cancer etc.

He added that in 2016 the government release Rs.45 corer for the treatment of cancer to Oncology department HMC while in 2017,  Rs.60  corer were release while in 2018 , Rs.60 corer will be release for the treatment of cancer.

He informed that from 2011 till now the Oncology Department treated more than 1865 patients in whom 1,094 were male patients while 771 were female patients, adding that 45 % patients were youth but now all the patients were spending normal life and help their families.

He added that around 228 patients were registered from Peshawar, Swabi 139 patients, Swat 138, Charsadda 120, Mardan 141 while KP government also include Federal Administered Tribal Areas and providing free treatment to the patients belong to Fata.

On the occasion HMC BOG chairman Dr.Sahibzada Saeed , Professor Dr. Noor Wazir, Novartis company representative and other high officials and doctors were present .


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MSF withdraw all their activities from Kurram Agency

Wisal Yousafzai

PESHAWAR: Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has asked to withdraw all their activities in Kurram Agency, one of the Agency of Federal Administered Tribal Areas (Fata).

“MSF is saddened by the decision from the authorities responsible for NGOs working in Kurram Agency. The closure brings to an end 14 years of MSF working with the FATA Health Services in Kurram Agency,” said Catherine Moody, Country Representative for MSF in Pakistan.

MSF has informed its team in Kurram Agency, the elders of the district’s towns Sadda and Alizai, and the local community about the decision.  The necessary measures to end MSF’s health services in Kurram Agency have started, and should be completed by the end of the week.

MSF teams have been working in Kurram Agency since 2004, and have been present in Sadda and Alizai hospitals since 2008.

In Sadda hospital, MSF has been responsible for the outpatient department for children under the age of five and the inpatient department for severely ill children up to 12 years old. The neonatal unit treats babies born prematurely and those experiencing complications immediately after birth.

The team also facilitates emergency referrals to tertiary care hospitals by providing ambulance services and medical transfer staff.

MSF has been supporting the Ministry of Health maternity department by managing emergency transfers to maternity facilities, including to MSF’s Peshawar Women’s Hospital. MSF provided the ambulances and all medical support required during the transfers.

In addition, MSF provides diagnosis and treatment facilities to the community for leishmaniasis, immunization for children, as well as supporting the Ministry of Health and Federal Disaster Management Agency in responding to emergencies, disease outbreaks and mass casualties.  In Alizai, MSF is responsible for the outpatient department and observation room for children under 12 years.

In 2016, MSF teams carried out 36,498 outpatient consultations in Sadda, and 6,416 consultations in Alizai. The same year, Sadda hospital admitted 1,946 patients and treated 414 patients for cutaneous leishmaniasis, while a total of 736 newborns were admitted to the neonatal unit.

MSF continues to provide free outpatient, emergency and maternal healthcare in Bajaur Agency in FATA, as well as giving medical care in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Baluchistan provinces. MSF relies solely on private financial contributions from individuals around the world and does not accept funding from any government, donor agency, or military- or politically-affiliated group for its activities in Pakistan. MSF has been working with Pakistani communities affected by natural disaster, conflict or lack of access to healthcare since 1986.

When contacted Director Development Directorate of Health Fata Dr. Muhammad Ishaq informed that there are some observations of security agencies over the work of MSF in Kurram Agency.

He further said that he was informed by the Additional Political Agent of Kurram Agency that negotiation was underway with the officials and soon they will provide the Non Objectionable Certificate (NOC) to MSF and soon they will assume their activities again in the agency after clarification of observations.

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Vegetable, fruit prices shoot up across Pakistan

KARACHI (Monitoring Desk): The skyrocketing prices of vegetables and fruits across the country have become a hassle for the people.

In Karachi, the price of onions has reached Rs150 per kilogramme, while in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, and Multan among others the price lies within the range of Rs100 to Rs120 per kg.

According to expert, the prices have increased due to the recent monsoon rains.

In Lahore, the prices of onions and tomatoes have increased significantly. In Sunday markets, onions and tomatoes were barely present as they are being sold at a cost of Rs110 per kg in the open market.

On the other hand, onions are being sold at Rs120 per kg in Peshawar. However, onions were being sold at Rs50 to Rs60 per kg in the city during the Eid holidays.

Speaking on the matter, a consumer from Multan remarked that the ordinary citizens can no longer buy these staple commodities. “Onions and tomatoes are used in all the vegetable and curry dishes made at our homes,” he added.

Another citizen from Sukkur requested the mayor and deputy mayor to look into the issue and provide some relief to the people of the country.

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One killed, two injured in bridge crumbling incident at Sardaryab

Rifaqat Ullah Razarwal

CHARSADDA: A driver was killed and two others injured when a bridge crumbled, plunging a heavy loaded trawler into river Kabul at a tourist place of Sardaryab here on Saturday, police said.

According to the Additional Assistant Commissioner (AAC) Yousaf Ali , the victims driver belong to Landi Kotal Khyber Agency identified as Ali Jan son of Rehmat Gul, and injured Faiz Ahmad son of Haji Mamoor and Amanat Ali son of Atiq Ali; a cleaner, while condition of injured is stated is critical.

AAC said the trawler was on their way from Lakki to Mardan fell down inward under the weight of 400 cement bags [20 tons] at Sardaryab bridge, the administration manage traffic to another parallel bridge to both sides of Peshawar to Charsadda.

Naib Nazim Musawir Shah concerns the parallel bridges have been built under British rule in 1937 are 300 meters, but as yet any government rulers has not taken steps for repair and maintenance.“Local government has no equipments to pull the trawler from the water and looking to Rescue Peshawar or Mardan”, Shah said.

“The people and trade are directly affects due to collapsing of bridge which links to Peshawar and Charsadda”, local fisherman Mohammad Jan said.

“Almost half a million people commute to the city as laborers and daily wagers. One can imagine what could have happened to them and their families. Did they go without meal? If yes, who is responsible? Government should build up it immediately”, local people said.

Local people were assisting rescue operations, with fishermen who raced to the site and pulling the victims out of the water, eye witness said.

A doctor, DHQ hospital Charsadda said two patients had been admitted after the bridge collapsed, “Administration will ensure speedy rescue and relief operations”, official said.

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KGMC Dean to be removed on political grounds

Ishaq Khan

PESHAWAR: The incumbent Dean of Khyber Girls Medical College (KGMC), Prof Muhammad Noor is likely to be removed from the post on political grounds and would be replaced by a woman in violation of merit.

Prof Iqbal Begum who is expected to hold the position in coming days as her appointment would be in total violation of the rules and regulations. It has clearly been mentioned in Medical Teaching Institute (MTI) Act that Board of Governors (BoG) will exercise its administrative and recruitment powers to appoint Dean and Faculty. However, in this particular case, the BoG is likely to be bypassed.

During his tenure, Prof Muhammad Noor he is said to have introduced new teaching techniques and has more than 50 publications in field of medicine. He also has the honor of youngest professor and head of medicine department.

On the other hand it was learnt that Prof Iqbal Begum belongs to Swabi district and has excellent terms with Provincial Health Minister Shahram Khan Tarakai and and Speaker KP Assembly Asad Qaiser.

Sources claimed that if appointment of Prof Iqbal Begum took place, the move will not only harm the institution but would also affect the students, faculty members and others. The news of her appointment brings unrest among the students and faculty members.

Chairman BoG HMC, Dr Sahibzada Saeed when contacted for his comments said that selection of KGMC Dean has yet to be finalized and for this purpose, the set procedure will be followed. An advertisement will be given in media outlets and then short listing process will be carried out in this regard.

He further clarified that KP Assembly has passed a bill to recruit female Dean in Girls College and that BoG members are authorized to make required amendments in MTI Act.

Despite several attempts, Prof Muhammad Noor and Prof Iqbal Begum could not be approached for their views regarding the matter.


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Pakistan 176th country Ian Boudreault visited in bid to travel around the world

Ali Sheikh

PESHAWAR: Visiting 196 countries of the world is a dream for the 34-year old Canadian-born Ian Boudreault and he is just 20 countries away after Pakistan became 176th country he has visited so far during his 15 years as a global tourist.

During his first ever visit to Pakistan Ian also visited Peshawar where he had a chat with The Frontier Post. “Pakistan is a peaceful country and the best aspect about the country is the friendliness of the people here in Pakistan,” Ian said while talking to this scribe.

During his stay in Pakistan, Peshawar was the third city Ian had visited after Lahore and Islamabad. He said he would also be visiting Hunza and Nangaparbat. When asked about what was his perception about Pakistan especially when the foreign media always portray bad image, Ian Boudreault said long ago he banned the newspapers and news channels from his life. “As my personal experience I know what the newspapers and news channels say can be wrong that is why before planning my trip to a country I always do my own research,” the friendly Ian said.

“People in Pakistan are so friendly and I have faced no difficulty in moving around the streets and markets,” Ian said while praising the traditional food of Pakistan. “I have been to India but the food there is mostly for vegetarian people who I am not and that is one of the reason I have developed love with the food in Pakistan,” he said while asking this scribe where he could find the best mutton in town.

He said he would like to visit the country again so that he can go to the cities which he could not visited during his first ever stay in Pakistan.

Informing about his passion to travel he said that at age 17, he worked 2 jobs in a kitchen and in a theater at minimum wage and over 10 hours daily to be able to round up enough money to leave a year later, with a friend of mine, to what would be the very first of his adventures to Western Europe. He said after his first visit outside the country he made his passion a dream and since then he is travelling around the world for almost 15 years with the last twelve years he has been constantly on the road.

He calls himself the first ever digital nomad in the world. “As of 2017, it’s been 15 years that I am a digital nomad and 12 years that I’ve been constantly on the road,” Ian said.

“I set up a small business of web marketing to finance my travels,” he said.

“In 2005, hours after finishing my last exam of my Engineering degree, I set sail on this adventure, and never looked back,” Ian added. He also said that before establishing himself as a digital nomad he had no models in front of him. “With a few blogs and websites I had built and generating small revenue through advertising, I imagined a lifestyle on the road, based on nothing that had been done before,” Mr. Boudreault said.

An interactive map can be found on its website, where you can click on the desired country to obtain information. For each region, a photo gallery is available since the traveler is also passionate about photography.

If there is one thing Ian Boudreault learned after 15 years of traveling around the globe and 176 countries visited, it is that good preparation is the key to a successful journey. The complexity of obtaining visas for certain countries is one of the preparations he has to do before travelling to a certain country.

He said after finishing his dream of visiting 196 countries he would compile his experiences in shape of a book.

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Political administration impose new tax on import of animal from Afghanistan

F.P. Report

LANDIKOTAL: The political Administration of Khyber Agency has lifted ban on the import of sheep and goats as to Pakistan from Afghanistan through Torkham Border as the Eid-ul-Azha is right on the corner.

Official told media that ban was lifted on import of sacrificial animals from Afghanistan; however it also imposes Rs 500 as agency tax on every animal on entry to Pakistan.

The official said that sale and purchase of these animals will only be allowed within the jurisdiction of Khyber Agency and no one would be allowed to transport the animals to other parts of the country.

The decision was taken in the better interest of the masses as the Eid-ul-Azha was right on the corner and still the local cattle markets were empty and it was legalized to sale and purchases the animals and imports it from Afghanistan, official added.

Meanwhile, Livestock dealers and others rejected the new imposed agency tax on sacrificial animals and adding that they were demanding lifting ban without imposition of further tax any tax in the better interest of the masses.

They added that before the ban they were paying Rs 1500 per truck and now the new imposition of tax is beyond their reach and they hinted that they can only pay around Rs 100 to Rs 150 and saying that they will pay such tax as it was injustice towards them.

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PPP MPA submitted resolution for the rights of transgender community in KP Assembly

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Provincial Lawmaker Nighat Orakzai has submitted a resolution for the protection and right of transgender community in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under article 144.

This was shared in a joint press conference organized by Blue Veins and Trans-Action Provincial Alliance of Transgender and Intersex Community, KP Senator Rubina Khalid (Chairperson of National Taskforce on Rights of Transgender Persons and mover of the Bill in Senate and Nighat Orakzai mover of the resolution in KP Assembly along with President Trans Action Farzana Jan and Program Coordinator Blue Veins Qamar Naseem.

Senator Rubina Khalid Chairperson of the National Taskforce on rights of the transgender persons emphasized to sensitize political parties, media and general masses on the importance of the legislation and at the same time committed to continue efforts to reduce stigma and discrimination against transgender and intersex persons through awareness raising, psychosocial and legal support and improving the legal environment for them in Pakistan as chairperson of the National Task Force.

Senator Rubina Khalid said “For all the challenges faced by Trans people in the context of their human rights and health, promising interventions and policy progress have shown that positive change is possible, although this must be implemented at scale to have significant impact. Change has occurred due to the efforts of committed legislators Trans advocates and human rights activists.

Nighat Orakzai Member of the Provincial Assembly (MPA) while expressing her views said “State should take appropriate measures to guarantee the full legal recognition of a person’s gender reassignment in all areas of life, the proposed legislations will address the systemic discrimination that transgender people face every day, and will give them space to exist on an equal footing”

Farzana Jan President of Trans-Action Alliance, Qamar Naseem Coordinator Blue Veins, Taimuar Kamal a social activists and other were also spoke on the occasion