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Cannot sit mum be it Nawaz or opponents, I speak truth: Nisar

F.P. Report

TAXILA: Former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has said on Saturday that he cannot sit pretending to be a mute and that he speaks the truth whether he is conversing with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president Nawaz Sharif or his political opponents.

Nisar Ali Khan addressed a rally in Taxila and criticised Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) by saying that those who raised slogans in support of former dictator Pervez Musharraf and Pakistan People’s Party leader late Benazir Bhutto, are now supporting PTI.

Nisar said that he does not believe in the slogans raised by PPP.

Former federal minister said that he would not abandon his voters whether he wins the election or not. Nisar claimed to have served the people while his political opponents were busy delivering speeches.

The ex-minister said that those who are habitual of changing political fronts are used to raising slogans of PPP, Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid-e-Azam (PML-Q), PTI and other parties.

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Islambad sit-in: Govt submits report in SC as protest enters 18th day

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ISLAMABAD: The government submitted its report in the Supreme Court on Thursday regarding the Faizabad sit-in, after the apex court took suo motu notice of the matter on Tuesday.

The Defence and Interior Ministries presented their response in the court before the two-member bench, as the sit-in entered in its 18th consecutive day which is staged by a religious group.

While hearing the case, Justice Qazi Faez Isa expressed his disappointment at the displeasing situation in the capital of the country and government doing nothing and millions of people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad were suffering as it disrupted seriously daily life in the area.

Justice Isa said that when the writ of the state is end then the decisions are made on the streets and adding that without taking any names that the sit-in is all about one man who wants to get fame by using other people for it.

,” Attorney General Ashtar Ausaf told the court the government didn’t want the bloodshed in the country and are trying to avoid such situation and trying our level best to end the Dharna by included religious scholars in the dialogue process with the protestors.

He added that around 1800 people are participating in the sit-in, and the government has filed 18 cases against 169 people.

The court directed ISI to re-submit its report on the sit-in at its hearing next Thursday.


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Barring media from coverage of Dar’s case ‘illegal’: Babar Awan

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Babar Awan on Wednesday said that barring media from covering Federal Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar’s indictment in National Accountability Bureau (NAB) reference is ‘illegal’.

Talking to media outside Supreme Court, Awan said that media coverage cannot be impeded until a written order is issued for in-camera trial which is itself a violation of Article-19 A.

He maintained that bringing the suspect from the judges gate amounts to ‘contempt of court’. “Another accused was also brought in the court a day before in full protocol,” he said while referring to Nawaz Sharif.

He notified that the authorities barred media from coverage instead of making the security fool-proof. The accountability court has indicted Ishaq Dar in connection with a reference filed by the NAB against him for possessing assets beyond known sources of income, and adjourned the hearing till October 4.

The verdict was announced by Judge Muhammad Bashir who also read the charge-sheet. Ishaq Dar has been ordered to ensure his presence during the next hearing. The finance minister denied all charges that have been leveled against him terming them false, and submitted surety bonds worth five million rupees as per directions of the court.

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Indo-Afghan failed show on Nawab Bugti

Comment by: Jalil Afridi
I was curious to see how Indians and Afghans praise late Nawab Bugti and so I went to an event sponsored by a few Afghans and mostly Indians to mark the death anniversary of Nawab Akbar Bugti at the National Press Club Washington DC, where all the members like myself are daily informed about the events taking place at press club. I could not believe that there were hardly fifteen attendees of the event. I wondered how Nawab Bugti would have felt seeing this crowd, especially knowing his powerful personality which I came to know after interviewing him a few months before his death. During my interview I did tell Nawab Bugti that he was being used and supplied by anti Pakistan forces. Nawab Bugti would have been specially upset seeing a quote of Marthur Luther King under his picture.

The highlight of the event was a telephonic address by Baramdagh Bugti, the grandson of Nawab Bugti who is currently living and enjoying luxurious life in Switzerland. Baramdagh Bugti in his address spelled venom against almost every institute of Pakistan including the media whereas he was all praises for India. Baramdagh Bugti can be seen on his Facebook page opening champagne bottles while worrying for the Baloch people and provoking them against Pakistan. It was probably one of the most shameful event I have seen by a former Pakistani.
After his address, there were only two individuals who asked Baramdagh questions. One of them was myself and the other one was a reporter from Voice of America.
Before I asked my questions, the organizer of the event, Masti Khan introduced me as Managing Editor of The Frontier Post and told Baramdagh that I was a very good Pakistani. Mr Masti also said something in Balochi language which I could not understand. I asked Baramdagh that during my interviewing with his grandfather, he was not against the development of Gawadar Port whereas the only thing he wanted was that Balochistan should get the majority share in the profit of Gawadar and preference should be given to the Baloch labor while constructing this project. My second question to Baramdagh was that the Pakhtuns in Balochistan do not support his ideas or vision so how could he fulfill his desires without their support. The other question which was asked by reporter of Voice of America was about the participation of Baloch political parties in political process of Pakistan. Baramdagh simply answered my question by saying that I didn’t know much about Balochistan to which the Indian crowd laughed loudly. Baramdagh told the Voice of America reporter that those Baloch political parties participating in politics of Pakistan are traitors.
I could only wish that Baramdagh knew that I started The Frontier Post in year 2002 from Quetta and made it the number one English newspaper of the province. I also wished that he knew that his late grandfather would read The Frontier Post on daily basis.
Baramdagh Bugti must be missing the life he lived in Balochistan, Karachi and Islamabad. Those beautiful vehicles, large mansions and body guards laced with AK47’s. He will never have those kinds of luxurys again in his life. I hope and pray that after what I heard him say about Pakistan, no leader of Pakistan let’s him come back to Pakistan. He is perfect example of traitor, a disgrace to Pakistan and a shame to the mother which gave him birth. Pakhtuns have a saying that ” All beds are meant to sleep but one does not go into Mother’s bed.” Baramdagh Bugti needs to know that a country which you are born in is your mother. Whatever you grand father was, it was because of Pakistan.
Another interesting speaker at the event of Krishna Guripati. He told Baramdagh that he is very concerned about how the Hindus are treated in Balochistan. I wished he had asked Baramdagh about the 32 people killed in India on that same day when an Indian psycho religious leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was convicted for raping a woman. Pakistan has never had 32 people killed after a court convicts a rapist.
An Afghan who was given shelter by Pakistan during his days of sufferings as refugee in Pakistan, Najeeb Khan pretended to be Pakistani gave his brief speech and said something which flew over my head. Another thing which also flew over my head was when Baramdagh Bugti said that Mashal Khan, a student of Wali Khan University Mardan, was killed because there a picture of his grandfather, Nawab Bugti in his room. What kind of crap is that? Or should I say what kind of crack is this guy?
Let me close by writing a few lines on behalf of all Pakistani journalists to Baramdagh Bugti. We don’t not wish to write or say anything about you because you don’t exist anymore for Pakistan. Get it out of your head that the people of Balochistan have any support for you. The people of Balochistan hate you because all these years when your were collecting millions of dollars in gas royalty you didn’t built any school or hospital for them. You wanted the Baloch people to remain your slaves. You wanted to continue raping Baloch women. I hope you know that you are involved in kidnapping women and doing narcotics business. You might not know all this, but I do.
The pseudo intellectuals of Afghanistan and Indians based in Washington DC needs to know that American admistration knows you well. They know that you guys only want a few thousand dollars from them to run your kitchen expense and bar expense. Beside that you have no love for Balochistan or its people.

Balochistan is on the way of prosperity and progress. India and Afghanistan will be better off focusing on their own countries instead of interfering in the internal matters of Pakistan.

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Pakistani American businessman appeals to Chinese officials

Appeal to Excellency Ambassador of China to Pakistan Excellency Ambassador of China to America Police Chief, Tianjin China   My name is Mohammad Khalid Khan. I am Pakistani having business based in America and Pakistan. My American based company, Afpak Consultants LLC recently did a business transaction with Chinese based company in Tianjin namely, Tianjin Huichao International Trading Company Limited. The said Chinese company cheated me for over one hundred thousand US Dollars. I have already registered a police case against the said company in Tianjin, a copy of the police report is below. Excellency, I went to Tianjin China myself in the month of June 2017 and signed a contract with Tianjin Huichao International Trading Company Limited at their office. I then uploaded two containers of copper wire weighing twenty five tons each from the warehouse of the said company. I also transferred the amount of almost one hundred thousand US dollars from my bank in America to the bank account of the above mentioned company at Industrial Bank of Korea (china). The shipment was CIF, which means that the above company, Tianjin Huichao International Trading Company Limited was responsible for shipping the consignment from port of the departure to port of destination, which was Jabal Ali port, UAE. Upon receiving the containers in UAE, it was discovered that my two containers instead of having fifty tons of copper wire had fifteen hundred kg of trash wire. I then again immediately went to Tianjin China in July 2017 and registered my case with the police authorities. After providing the Chinese police with all relevant proofs they have now accepted my case, copy of which is below. It is humbly requested that my financial loss may kindly be recovered at the earliest and restore the confidence of the Pakistani businessmen dealing in China. I fail to understand how such cheaters are allowed to register a company in China, establish an office, establish ware house, open company bank account and hire staff members. Keeping in view the game changer plan, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), it is very important that both Pakistan and China give exemplary punishments to those businessmen who are involved in criminal activities. Cheating international businessmen is a crime which should not be tolerated by governments of both the countries. I humbly request you for help and support. Khalid Khan Chairman Afpak Consultant LLC +13012565138

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One killed, six injured as children mistake bomb for toy in Peshawar

PESHAWAR (Monitoring Desk): A child was killed while six others were severely injured after an explosive device they were playing with went off in Pishtakhara area on the outskirts of Peshawar on Sunday.

Zubair, 10, was killed in the accident while the injured include Aqil, 17, Azeem, 14, Samiullah, 12, Junaid 12, Ismail and Rahil who were both eight.

Pishtakhara ASP Shoaib told the media that the children found the device in the fields and began playing with it.

Subsequently, they gathered stones and pounded the explosive causing it to go off.

The victims were rushed to Khyber Teaching Hospital where the condition of the injured is said to be stable. Zubair’s body was later handed over to his family.

Shoaib added that they could not yet ascertain if the device was a mortar shell or something else.

“The explosive has been sent to the laboratory for a forensic report and it will come back on Monday,” he said.

Local police, however, believe that the children found an old shell that had been left in the fields and began playing with it, causing an explosion.

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MPA Yasin rejects corruption allegations


F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Provincial Lawmaker, Yasin Khalil has presented himself for accountability and rejected all the allegations leveled against him by fellow MPA, Ziaullah Afridi. This he said while addressing to Press Conference at Peshawar Press Club.

Ziaullah Afridi submitted a motion in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Secretariat against MPA Yasin Khalil and Provincial Minister for Sports and Culture, Mehmood Khan.  In adjournment motion, Afridi blamed Mehmood Khan and Yasin Khalil had taken money from the masses and promised them of government jobs.

Khalil said that former minister for mines and minerals, Ziaullah Afridi was expelled from PTI on corruption charges and now he presented himself as a commander against the corruption.  Khalil added that when he was advisor to CM, a driver of Rescue 1122 identified as Hussain Qadir used his name and taken money from people and provide them forged appointment letters.

Khalil further added that he is doing for the rights of the masses and always worked for the betterment of his constituency and that is the reason that people elected him several times.

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European Union funded Support to Pakistan’s Action to Counter Terrorism

Peshawar: Understanding the Counter Terrorism Response Case Analysis of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Report was launched by UNODC in collaboration with the Home and Tribal Affairs Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and NACTA under a European Union funded programme.
The report was completed under the auspices of Pakistans Action to Counter Terrorism with a special reference to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa project which is supported by the European Union and aims to build national capacities of law enforcement and criminal justice agencies in effectively countering terrorism.
The Home and Tribal Affairs Department of KP constituted a committee which consisted of members from the Police, Prosecution and the Judiciary who provided practical recommendations for further strengthening the criminal justice response to terrorism.
The committee has put forward 30 recommendations which reflect the capacity, process, legislative improvements The recommendations would also act as a road-map and a cornerstone to UNODC and the EUs intervention in the province under the “Pakistans Action to Counter Terrorism Project.
During the report launch the UNODC Country Representative Mr. Cesar Guedes highlighted upon the importance of the recommendations and stated that an evidence based approach would continue to be adopted while delivering technical assistance for Khyber Pakhtunkhwas response to terrorism.
Coordination both at federal and provincial levels is essential when responding to terrorism and NACTA remains committed to assist provinces in improving information sharing and for developing a collective response said the National Coordinator of NACTA Mr. Ihsan Ghani

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Won’t resign on demand of conspirers, PM tells cabinet members

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk): Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said on Thursday he will not resign regardless of the demands being made by the group conspiring against him as the people of Pakistan have elected him.

The premier made the remarks while chairing a meeting of the federal cabinet.

Addressing the cabinet members, Sharif termed the joint investigation team (JIT) report a concoction of allegations and stories regarding his family’s private businesses.

“Without any hesitation I presented myself and family before the JIT,” he stated, adding that his family business predates the entry of any family member in politics.

“My family didn’t earn anything from politics but did lose a lot,” he said, adding that despite reservations he accepted the JIT’s formation.

The language used in the JIT report displays malafide intentions, he said, adding that his conscience is clear.

“Those demanding my resignation on false and unwarranted claims should first look at themselves,” said Sharif.

The premier said the Pakistan Muslim League-N got more votes than all the parties demanding his resignation, adding that he will not let the country’s development become a target of conspiracies.

The members of the meeting agreed that there’s no legitimacy to the demands of the premier’s resignation, and expressed their complete support in the prime minister.

Other than the political situation in the country arising following the JIT report’s submission to the Supreme Court on Monday, the cabinet members discussed projects related to power generation and other economic initiatives of the government.

The 64-point agenda of the meeting also included discussion on MoUs signed with various countries and approval of the procedure to appoint the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited’s managing director.

On Wednesday, the prime minister presided over an informal consultative meeting where he was briefed by legal and constitutional experts regarding the preparations of the government’s stance on the JIT report, sources told Geo News.

The meeting decided to take up the matter of ‘baseless, unwanted remarks’ against government functionaries in the Supreme Court, asking on what grounds were such comments made [by the JIT], sources added.

JIT report

The political situation in the country became heated after the JIT submitted its final report to the Supreme Court on Monday. The JIT report observed major disparities in the finances of the Sharif family and their known and declared sources of income.

Following the report, the opposition parties demanded that the premier resign. However, the ruling party leaders remarked that they will contest the report in the Supreme Court.

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Indian violations along LoC are condemnable: FO

ISLAMABAD (APP): Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria said on Thursday that Pakistan strongly condemns Indian troops’ violations along Line of Control (LoC).

Nafees Zakaria was speaking during the weekly media briefing at foreign office.

He also remarked that India has continuously been violating the ceasefire agreement, adding that innocent Kashmiris, including children, have been targeted by Indian troops.

On July 10, five innocent people, including four women, were martyred in unprovoked firing by Indian troops along Line of Control (LoC), according to Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR).

Four others including three girls were injured due to the firing, which occurred in Rawalakot sector, Satwal, Manwal, Tatrinote areas along the LoC.

Pakistan Army befittingly responded and killed four Indian troops and destroyed their two check posts, said Pakistan Army’s media cell.

Before this, back-to-back violations occurred on July 8 and July 9 after which at least two civilians were killed due to unprovoked Indian firing. Following, FO had summoned Indian Deputy High Commission JP Singh twice in a row to record protest.