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Looks like Karan and Kajol have patched up

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MUMBAI: It really was unfortunate when Karan Johar and Kajol ended their uber long friendship last year, leaving fans in dismay when the film-maker said, “It is sad. There is nothing happy about it. I feel sad. I have a great amount of respect and love for her. That will always remain. It will never go away.”

“But sometimes, there is an expiry date to your relationship or your friendship, and we’ve reached ours. But that doesn’t mean it can ever take away from the times we’ve shared, from the work we’ve done, for the love we have for each other. And the love I have for her and her family, her mother and her sister, ”  added the disappointed KJo.

Considering how Karan always claimed that Kajol is his lucky mascot, the fallout between the two friends was dismal to say the least.

The film-maker used to make sure that the actor gets featured in his film, even if it was for a few seconds only. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil being the first KJo movie in years without Kajol’s cameo felt undeniably incomplete. To add to the disappointment of fans, the veteran actor did not feature in KJo’s show this year either.

Things between two got so bitter that hopes for reconciliation were lost. But looks like we were wrong. Yep! Kajol and Karan might have decided to sweep the dust under the carpet, and KJo’s children Yash and Roohi might have played a pivotal role in it, reports

Earlier in the day, Karan took to his social media accounts and shared the first picture of his twins. The bundles of joy turned six-months-old today, and Karan shared the happiness on his Twitter handle with the caption, “6 months old today.

Surprisingly Kajol ‘liked’ the picture on Instagram after which Karan went on to ‘follow’ his former friend’s Instagram account.


We sincerely hope things between the former besties will flourish from now on.

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