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Nawaz hires Roberti Global to defame Pak Army

Jalil Afridi

Washington DC: Former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif who was removed on charges of dishonesty and corruption has hired services of leading American lobbyist firm Roberti Global to defame the Pakistan Army. This won’t be the first time that Nawaz Sharif has taken such step. He had indirectly published the “Rogue Army” advertisements in American newspapers in 1999.

The desposed corrupt prime minister is using all his resources and contacts to settle his score with anybody who helped in removing him from the prime ministership or even those who did not help him being not removed.

The Frontier Post contacted both in writing and verbally to get the version from Roberti Global but till date no response has been heard from them.


17 thoughts on “Nawaz hires Roberti Global to defame Pak Army

  1. This man is utterly free of any grey matter and sees nothing else except himself.He is trapped in astaye of mind called percect hallucination.There is no cure for this devastating sickness.

  2. Pakistan will live by the wish of Allah and its armed forces. All against Pak should be eliminated. No one is indispensable for Pak

  3. NS is a victim of self motivation to achieve his goals and will not hesitate to sell Pakistan to our worst enemy hence his relationship with Modi to break Pakistan and sell Punjab to India

  4. N S , his entire family & his entire corrupt cronies should be all brought 2gether in one public place & sent to hell by a firing squad. Only then can Pakistan prosper.

  5. I think NS is again inflicted by international conspiracy to sabotage his plan for progressive Pakistan. Some people don’t like CPEC to bring economic well-being to poor people of Pakistan

    1. Progressive Pakistan? Is it correct, Miftah?
      How much debt was increased by his government? What are the other metrics? Do you have anything to support your claim which is very much similar to those made by the thief Isaaq Dar and his chief thief NS?

  6. NS and his complete party along with his family should all be sent to India forever and desolve the PML-N party completely. Their Assets in Pakistan should be seized and fair elections under the supervision of Army shall take place and who ever gets elected should first declare his assets and then Be allowed to run the government and etc…

    1. NS and his whole legion of horsegrooms and shoeshine men,valets and the brainless foodsacks that pass as his bloated family are a bunch of scurrilous rats. They can lick any foreign boot or sweep any US garrage to seek their help to regain power in Pakistan.
      Their loyal poodles in print and electronic media,minions in Govt departments and paid pigmies in the backstreets of Islamabad and Lahore drooling for booty,will give anything to lift the royal aprons behind this Bird King blinded by lust for power .

  7. Any sane person who VALUES freedom n independence should critically analyse NS’ demonstrated performance .NS n party has proved time n again that their personal interest is always comes First. Some cosmetic publicity is considered enough to fool the Masses

  8. Any person who is continuously making false statements against judiciary and Pak army, defaming the country on international arena, I doubt if any one will dub him as a patriot. He & his family and blockheads around him are the birds of the same feather.

  9. It’s unbelievable that the man was our PM a week back.
    He is bad mouthing the country which thrice made him the PM.
    I am alarmed at his stupidity. His wife is in ICU and instead of asking for forgiveness from Allah for his corruption and apologising to all Pakistanis for his conduct he is acting like a traitor!!

  10. If this man was not born on the face of earth, it would have been much better for 220 million people. At least they would not have seen a thief Prime Minister like him. One cannot imagine a more shameless person. The right place for him is the jail. Why is he still moving free? Can somebody justify.
    Pakistan Army is a professional army with zero tolerance for anything contrary to the highest norms of discipline. So any allegation on Pakistan Army is condemned in the strongest words

  11. Nawaz Sharif never hired a lobbyist for the case of Pakistan and Kashmir. Though it was many times demanded by people and media. For his personal propagation and to belittle army he has hired an expensive lobbyist. I condemn those who vote for NS.

  12. Allah bless Pakistan. Our Army is matchless in the world and the voters/participants in proven corruption are the ugliest human beings!!!

  13. Frontier Post please always quote your sources. I am not a fan of the Ex PM but publishing a news item without references seems like fake news and jumping on the bandwagon of Nawaz Sharif bashing.

  14. It calls for filing a treachery case against Nawaz in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Hiring anyone for maligning a Pakistani institutition is a crime demanding befitting punishment, esp. the one which has given invaluable and countless sacrifices in stopping terrorism across Pakistan.

  15. Insha Allah Pakistan will soon free from these type of puppets of money laundering .

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