10 civilians killed in foreign forces operation in Kapisa

KAPISA (TOLONews): At least 10 civilians were allegedly killed in a foreign forces operation in Tagab district of Kapisa province on Sunday night, local officials said Monday.

Mahfoz Safi, the provincial council’s deputy chief, said the incident occurred on Sunday night in the Badrab village during a foreign forces operation against Taliban and as a result civilians were killed.

According to Safi, children and women were also among the victims and three others were wounded in the incident.

Safi said that all the victims were residents of the area.

However, Resolute Support rejected the claims of civilian casualties and in a statement to TOLOnews said: “During an Afghan army operation in Kapisa, the Afghan forces came under fire from a local mobilization militia. The Afghan army requested air support. US helicopters were present to provide the support and immediately came under fire from the local militia and returned fire in self-defense, resulting in the wounding of six militia. As the fog of war lifted and it became clear the militia had fired in error, the wounded militia members were airlifted and they are currently receiving treatment in a US hospital. We have no indication of non-combatant casualties,” said Commander Grant Neeley, a US Forces – Afghanistan spokesman.

Meanwhile, the Kapisa provincial governor’s spokesman confirmed an operation was carried out in the Tagab district but did not confirm the killing of civilians.

Meanwhile a member of Maidan Wardak provincial council said 13 members of one family were killed in a security forces operation in Jaghatu district in the province on Sunday night.

“During this operation, eight members of a family were killed in just an airstrike,” Sharif Hotak, a member of the provincial council said.

Maidan Wardak officials rejected the claims of civilian casualties and said that the operation was launched against a Taliban prison in which eight security forces were freed from the jail.

Ministry of Defense also said the Afghan National Army launched the operation against Taliban in which the group suffered heavy fatalities.

Security forces said they destroyed a Taliban prison and released a number of soldiers who had been held in the illegal prison for the last two months.

“800 Taliban fighters had attacked us. In that attack, I was injured and then arrested by Taliban,” Fazl Subhan, a freed soldier said.

“We were seven soldiers, I was wounded and then the enemy arrested me,” Moalem Khan, another freed soldier said.

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