‘1,000 foreign tourists entered via Kunduz’

KUNDUZ (TOLOnews): In the past year, nearly 1,000 foreign tourists entered the country through Sher Khan Bandar port in Kunduz, officials said. Local officials of Kunduz said that these tourists from various European, and Asian countries as well as from the US, have come to Afghanistan to see historical and recreational places, and tourist attractions, especially the cultural ones, and the natural landscapes of Afghanistan, including the Wakhan in Badakhshan. “In the past year, about 1,000 tourists from different countries of the world such as the US, Europe, and Asia have come to our dear country through Sher Khan port,” said Obaidullah Abidi, a consular officer of the Kunduz Foreign Department. At the same time, some tourists who come to visit the country’s historical places expressed their satisfaction with security in the country. “We visit Kunduz city and we will travel up to Ehkashim and Wakhan and the reason we want to go to Wakhan is its very beautiful mountains and the people are very friendly,” said Itmes, a tourist. “I come from India, and I am the only Indian in this group, and I am so excited about this trip, India has a good friendship with Afghanistan, and there is a lot of common culture,” said Vihai, a tourist. “Visiting Wakhan is one of my major targets, the reason is that Wakhan has lots of beautiful natural landscapes and Wakhan is very rich in history,” said a tourist.