1000s treated by mobile health teams daily

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KUNDUZ (TOLOnews): More than 5,000 residents of Kunduz receive help from mobile health services daily, said local officials.
The public health department said they created seven mobile health units with the help of an aid institution to care for the health problems of residents in the province. According to public health officials, at least 5,600 people benefit from children’s malnutrition aid, medicine, psychiatric services and other health services.
“In Kunduz we now do not see people going five kilometers for health services, we have house-to-house, mosque-to-mosques services and village health services,” said Najib Saheel, head of the Kunduz public health department.
“In each area there are, on average, approximately 800 to 1,200 people that this team visits, which is 5,600 total patients daily,” said Hejrat Zaki, a locsl staff member of an international aid organization in the province. “We have five kinds health services that focus on psychiatry, vaccinations, midwifery, and child malnutrition,” said Tamana, a member of a health service team.
Meanwhile, Kunduz residents expressed their satisfaction with the move and asked for further resources like this in remote areas. “We ask the government to increase these kinds of health services teams,” said Rahim Ullah, a resident of Kunduz.
“There was no such service before… and we are happy with this health service team and we ask them to come here and provide services for us,” said Mohammad Anwar, a Kunduz resident.
Before this residents of remote areas repeatedly complained about the lack of access to health services.

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