100s of civilian casualties caused by unexploded ordnance in 2019

100s of civilian casualties caused by unexploded ordnance in 2019

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KABUL: Abdul Jalil Sadiq, head of Mine Action Coordination, in the west of Afghanistan, said that more than 110 civilians have been killed and at least 130 others have been wounded over the past year due to mines and other explosive materials originating from the Soviet invasion-era.

Sadiq said that most of the victims are children.

“In 2019 year, 241 persons were martyred and wounded due to the explosion of explosive materials. Five were martyred in Badghis and nine were wounded. In Farah 42 were martyred and 54 were wounded. In Ghor 22 were martyred and 16 were wounded. In Herat 42 were martyred and 49 others were wounded,” said Sadiq.

Sadiq said they have neutralized 80% of threatened areas but 20% still has mines and other explosive material. “252 square kilometers have been cleared of explosive materials. 42 square kilometers still have mines and other explosive material,” said Jalil.

Meanwhile, Abdul Qadir, a military analyst, said that efforts by the government and mine-clearing institutions are not enough.

“1700 square kilometers have mines and other explosive materials–it shows that the activity of the government and other organizations is not enough,” said Abdul Qadir.

Ghulam Daud Hashimi, deputy governor of Herat province, said that security institutions and mine clearing organizations cleared the entire province of mines.

“Based on the reports given to us, all areas under threat were investigated and cleared of mines,” said Hashimi. (TOLOnews)

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