118 militants killed in a month of Nangarhar raids

Monitoring Desk

JALALABAD: Security officials on Tuesday announced killing 118 militants and wounding 77 others during a month of a clearing operation in eastern Nangarhar province.

The operation was conducted in Khogyani, Haska Mena, Momand Dara and Ghanikhel districts, said Brig. Gen. M. Naseem Sangin, the Afghan National Army’s Selab Military’s Corps fourth brigade commander.

He told a press conference here that 52 Daesh or Islamic State militants were killed, 59 wounded and seven others surrendered to security forces in Khogyani district during the “Selab 4 Operation.”

In Hasak Mena, he said, 63 IS fighters had been killed and 18 others wounded in Afghan Special Forces raids supported by foreign air forces. Three Taliban insurgents were killed by Special Forces in Ghanikhel and Momand Dara districts.

Sangin added 43 various landmines were detected and defused during the offensive and 10 others exploded on security forces.

The high-ranking security official also confirmed casualties among the security forces, but provided no figures.

Brig. Gen. Mohammad Ayub Hussainkhel, 301st zone commander in the east, said the operation also involved border police, public order police, NDS personnel led by Afghan National Army.

He informed border police problems had been on the decrease since the Defense Minister took their command from the Interior Ministry two months ago.

Police spokesman Abdul Jamil said civilians were protecting areas which had been cleared of militants. He said more security posts should be established in the cleared areas.

Public Order Police commander Brig. Gen. Naseer Ahmad Safi told the press conference that Daesh presence had reduced and the group could not stand ground.