Afghan Local Police (ALP) official keeps watch during a military operation in Nad Ali district of Helmand province on April 8, 2017.
The Taliban effectively control or contest 10 of 14 districts in Helmand, the deadliest province for British and US troops over the past decade, blighted by a huge opium harvest that helps fund the insurgency.

12 killed, 13 injured in Taliban & IS clash

F.P. Report

JALALABAD:  Local Police of Ghor said that at least 25 Taliban and Islamic State-Khorasan faction fighters were killed or injured in a clash between them in Ghor Province.

Iqbal Nizami, Spokesperson of Ghor Police said that the clash was started between the two outlaw groups in Ferozshah, capital of Ghor Province which lasted for several hours. He added that 12 gunmen were killed and 13 others from both the groups were injured and among the killed militants, he also confirmed that Taliban shadow governor for Heart, Mullah Sibghatullah and Daesh Commander Mullah Abdul Shakoor were the deceased persons.

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