1397 should be year of drive to promote education: Ghani

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: President Ashraf Ghani has underlined the need for surveying the education sector to determine the number of teachers, their ages and qualifications.

The solar year 1397 should be the year of a nationwide education campaign, the president said during a meeting of High Human Resource Council at the Presidential Palace. Najiba Ayubi, speaking on behalf of civil society organisations at the council meeting, explained the salient features of a reform plan called the Afghanistan Education Task Force.

She presented information about school management, accelerated learning, classes at society level, distance education, online education and overall supervision of teachers and students.

Second Vice-President, Sarwar Danish, ministers of higher education, public health, women affairs, labour and social affairs and education, as well as other senior officials also talked about civil society’s cooperation to the Ministry of Education.

They also spotlighted the imperative of greater coordination, problems in online programmes, teachers’ capacity building and other issues.

While thanking civil society activists for explaining their plans, the president said his government and civil society should have a single voice for resolving the problems facing the Ministry of Education.

“The next solar year, 1397, should be the year of a public campaign for education so that the sector is strengthened through utilisation of all available resources.

“The basis of our cooperation with the international community in the area of education is clear, but the way of forging such links should also be clear,” he believed.

Ghani called for a clear survey of the education sector to ascertain the number of teachers, their ages and education levels. Civil society’s plan for the education sector would be reviewed and implemented, he promised.

“We seriously need an in-depth assessment of the education curriculum, which should conform to the requirements of current times. We do have the will for education reforms and exploiting opportunities to improve the quality of education.”

Ghani directed the relevant state organs to deal with the internet connectivity problem at schools across the country.