14 killed, hundreds of homes destroyed in Panjsher landslide

14 killed, hundreds of homes destroyed in Panjsher landslide

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PARAKH: At least 14 died as flooding and a landslide hit villages in the Hisa-i-Awal district of central Panjsher province, local officials said Thursday.

Local sources said a mountain slide caused a water dam to breach, unleashing water on hundreds of houses in Peshghor village late Wednesday night.


Deputy police chief Najmuddin said 14 residents of the village had died in the disaster.

Omar Mohammadi, spokesman for the Minister Natural Disaster Management (MoNDM), earlier put the death toll at 10, but feared it might be higher.

However, Azmuddin Mirzaee, the provincial council chief, believed the casualties might be fewer because the people of the area had already vacated homes before the flooding got strong.

Deputy Governor Mohammad Amis Sidiqui said the casualties and financial losses from the incidents were being ascertained and advised nearby people to be careful about flash flood and landslides.

Financial losses

Azmuddin Mirzaee said initial reports suggested 400 houses had been demolished, some highways clogged and many farm lands badly damaged. But the deputy police chief said about 200 homes, 150 shops, 10 mosques, several acres of farmland and 60 vehicles had been damaged in the flood.

MoNDM spokesman Omar Mohammadi said 300 houses had been swept away.

Assistance with the victims

Mohammadi said search and rescue teams had been dispatched the site with relief items from Parakh city and Parwan province. A delegation led by deputy director of provincial natural disaster management had reached the site by a helicopter.

The deputy governor urged all government organs to rescue Panjsher people from the disaster.





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