16 IS gunmen killed in clashes with Taliban in Khugiyani

Monitoring Desk

JALALABAD: The clashed between the Taliban and Islamic State (IS) was erupted in Wazir Tangi area of Khugiyani district of Nangarhar province.

Nangarhar governor’s spokesman Attaullah Khugiyani told local media that gunfight erupted between the two sides in Wazir Tangi area on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, local residents told media that pro-government armed volunteers were supporting Taliban in the gunfight and were practically taking part in the clashes against the IS group.

They said that two volunteers were killed in the gunfight and they were buried in their native town Markikhel area of Sherzad district.

They added that at least 16 IS gunmen were killed in the gunfight and the Taliban and pro-government volunteers put fire to a house where the IS fighters were taking shelter.

Similarly, the security forces launched ground and aerial offensive against the IS fighters in the area as the IS group took control of the villages in Wazir Tangi area of Khugyani district.

Hundreds of families have left the area to take shelter in the safer areas because of ongoing clashes between the Taliban and IS fighters. The donor’s agencies provided the initial assistance to the displaced people.