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CA board to decide on pay war’s end

SYDNEY: It was the change of the CA board from 14 state-appointed delegates to nine independently-appointed directors in October 2012 that provided a major catalyst for the governing body’s attempt to break up the fixed revenue percentage models at the heart of all collective bargaining agreements between the board and the Australian Cricketers’ Association (ACA) over the past 20 years.

Now, the compromise deal being thrashed out and drafted, in talks between the CA chief executive James Sutherland and his ACA counterpart Alistair Nicholson, must be approved by the same directors — chairman David Peever, Mark Taylor, Bob Every, Jacquie Hey, Earl Eddings, Tony Harrison, Michael Kasprowicz, Michelle Tredenick and John Harnden — who pushed for change in the first place.

The hand of Peever and his directors has been evident throughout the process, which began formally with a meeting between the CA chairman and the ACA president Greg Dyer last November. Directors have, in the words of Taylor, been updated via teleconferences “every three days, sometimes a bit more often if need be”.

Most recently, private talks between Sutherland and Nicholson were dramatically reset when, following a board phone hook-up on Wednesday, the CA chief executive went public with the governing body’s desire to get a deal done by early this week or to take “residual matters” to private arbitration before a retired judge.

Talks between the parties are going on late into Monday night, but directors are said to be confident of CA’s ability to win the argument against revenue-sharing in that kind of forum.

They have been closely linked to Kevin Roberts, CA’s lead negotiator, until Sutherland entered the fray in the final days before the previous MoU expired on July 1. Roberts had joined the CA board as one of its first independent directors five years ago, a matter of months after the most recent revenue sharing agreement was finalised, before moving to the executive management team in late 2015.

At the time, Roberts was seen as a possible successor to Sutherland, due to his strong corporate background, and also because the move of a CA board director into management was virtually without precedent in the organisation’s history. Roberts’ role in leading negotiations for CA mirrored Sutherland’s own role as lieutenant to his predecessor Malcolm Speed before taking the top job in 2001.

Public pronouncements by board directors have been few and far between during the dispute, limited to television appearances by Taylor, who in May spoke stridently of the impasse and expressed his frustration at the lack of meaningful negotiation.

A little less than two months later, Taylor offered a more conciliatory tone at Channel Nine’s Ashes launch on July 11, which followed the MoU expiry that left more than 230 players out of contract, and called for an MoU compromise.

Yet, the more hawkish views evident on the board were underlined just two days later, when Peever penned an indignant column in The Australian newspaper that was then posted on the board’s website. In it, he attacked the ACA and the media for peddling “myths” about his industrial relations history with the mining firm Rio Tinto, where he served as managing director in Australia until 2012. He also pitched for CA’s hardline position in very similar ways to Sutherland during his multiple public appearances over the same period.

With days remaining before determinations must be made on issues like the looming Test tour of Bangladesh, and a raft of commercial agreements with broadcasters and sponsors around the home Ashes summer, the biggest question is whether the CA board will show a level of flexibility more in line with the words of the former captain Taylor than those of the current chairman Peever.




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KP health dept seeks govt assistance to counter dengue virus

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PESHAWAR: Health department of KP has appealed to the locals as well as federal to take appropriate safety measure against a possible outbreak of dengue virus as the dengue cases were on the rise in the province.

The health department also demanded to government to starts proper awareness drive against the dengue to make sure the safety of people regarding the possible outbreak in the province. It also requested the public to take appropriate steps to control the fast spread of dengue virus in the province.

The Heath department said in a letter that it is very important to stop mosquitoes from breeding as these mosquitoes can breed in water, tyres, pots, cooling system and other daily use items in houses or offices, therefore regular inspection and cleaning needs to conducted in these places.

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Indian forces martyred 33 Kashmiris in July

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ISLAMABAD: At least 33 Kashmiris have been martyred and 565 persons were injured by Indian forces during the month of July in the Indian occupied Kashmir, according to Kashmir Media Service.

The media report further revealed that more than three out of 33 martyred were killed in a fake encounter, widowed three women and orphaned six children due to these atrocities.

The report disclosed that 565 people were critically injured when pellets and tear gas shells were used on even the peaceful demonstrations in the occupied territory.

Indian troops arrested a total of 450 people, including Hurriyat leaders, activists and youth during the month. It has also been revealed by the outlet that at least 24 women were sexually assaulted and 77 houses were destroyed in the month of July alone.


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JI demands action against MD BoK

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PESHAWAR: Jamaat-i-Islami (JI), part of the ruling coalition in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government increased its pressure on the PTI to take action against the managing director of Bank of Khyber (Bok) for leveling baseless allegations against the finance minister Muzaffar Said last year.

The pressure was increased from JI in this regard after the new development in KP government, as the PTI expel Qaumi Watan Party (QWP) from the provincial government over the differences in Panama case.

Provincial President of JI, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan told media persons that the provincial government assured the JI for taking action against the MD of BoK and it’s a logical demand of the JI.

Provincial government needs to take action against government owned banks (BoK) MD for violating his authority and leveled baseless allegations against the minister.

It is to be worth mentioning that after expelling the QWP from the provincial, PTI has 59 seats in the 124 member of KP assembly and currently some PTI ministers were in worst relationship and reportedly they complained to party about the CM behaviors.  The JI is trying to blackmail the PTI and taking advantage from the situation.

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PPP criticize Imran for remarks against Zardari

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PESHAWAR: Former Provincial Minister and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Leader Raheemdad criticized the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan for issuing negative and disrespectful comments about the former president Asif Ali Zardari.

This he said while talking to media persons, Raheemdad said it is very condemnable that some immature politician using harsh words for the rivals and adding that Imran Khan needs to increase his knowledge because Zardari spent 12 years without any crime and now some new entry in the politics cursing Zardari to take some people benefits.

He asked Imran Khan to be careful next time when saying anything about Zardari because the workers and office bearers will not tolerate such language.

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MQM file petition against Imran’s statement about SC judge

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ISLAMABAD: Senator Muhammad Ali Said of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) filed a contempt of court petition against PTI chief Imran Khan for his regarding statement in TV interview in which he accused the sitting judge for approaching and request him to file a case rather to protest on the roads when the PTI were protesting against the government and  trying to locking down the capital last year.

The petition blamed that Imran Khan said in a interview aired on July 27 that during the protest against ruling party and his family over their involvement in Panama case, he had been approached by the SC Judge approach him and requested to end the protest and filed a case in the SC. PTI chief has repeated the same allegation against SC judge in the Islamabad gathering on 30 July, it added.

The petitioner said the said statements of Mr Khan attempts of politicizing destroying the image of judiciary in generals and judges in particular, the petition added..

It said the grave act of Mr Khan had endangered the integrity of the Supreme Court and, therefore, he should be proceeded against under Article 204 of the Constitution dealing with contempt of court.


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ISIS release photo of suicide bombers who attacked Iraq embassy in Kabul

KABUL (KhaamaPress): The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group’s offshoot in Afghanistan, ISIS-Khurasan, released the picture of the two suicide bombers who attacked the embassy of Iraq in Kabul on Monday.

The photo purportedly shows two young men who carried out the suicide attack on the Iraqi embassy.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) spokesman Najib Danish told reporters that the attack was launched by two suicide bombers at around 11 am local time.

He said at least two local workers of the embassy were killed and two others belonging to the national police and police special forces were wounded in the attack.

Danish further added that the security forces arrived in the area immediately after the attack was launched and evacuated the Iraqi ambassador, his deputy, and diplomats of the embassy.

According to Danish the attack was ended after the Afghan security forces eliminated all the remaining attackers during the gun battle.

Yesterday’s attack on embassy of Iraq was the second attack carried out by the anti-government armed militant groups in the past one week which followed the deadly car bombing that left at least 24 dead and 42 others wounded last week.

The Taliban group had claimed responsibility behind last week’s deadly suicide bombing in Kabul city.

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Female Afghan MP dies in a traffic incident

JALALABAD(KhaamaPress): A female Afghan lawmaker of the Lower House of the Parliament, Wolesi Jirga, died in a traffic incident in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan.

The provincial government media office in a statement said Parveen Nuristani representing the eastern Nuristan province in the Lower House of the Parliament died in the outskirts of Jalalabad city late on Monday.

The statement further added that Nuristani was travelling in Darunta area in the outskirts of Jalalabad when her car crashed.

At least three others were also wounded in the incident, the statement said, adding that the dead body of the MP has been shifted to Jalalabad hospital.

Provincial governor Gulab Mangal expressed grief regarding the loss of the life of the MP, calling her an active woman with her death being a major loss for the women of the country.

The majority of the road accidents are taking place due to bad conditions of the roads, lack of traffic signs as well as reckless driving which largely contributes to deadly incidents in the country.

This comes as at least 12 people were killed and dozens more were wounded in a similar incident in eastern Laghman province nearly two months ago.

At least 20 people were killed in separate road accidents on Kabul-Jalalabad highway earlier this year.


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Hundreds to face judges in Turkey’s biggest coup trial

Turkey is set to hold its largest trial over the July 2016 coup attempt, with nearly 500 people set to appear in court.

The suspects, who are to stand trial on Tuesday, are accused of conspiring to overthrow the government from an airbase seen as the plotters’ hub.

A total of 486 suspects will go on trial in a purpose-built courtroom outside the capital Ankara, charged with crimes ranging from murder, violating the constitution and attempting to kill President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, state-run news agency Anadolu reported.

They are accused of running the coup bid from the Akinci airbase northwest of the capital, which the authorities regard as plotters’ headquarters.

From there, commands were given for F-16 fighter jets to attack and fly above the capital.

The Turkish parliament was bombed three times by F-16s.

Gulen among suspects

A total of 461 suspects are held in custody, while seven are still on the run. The remainder are charged but not in jail.

Fethullah Gulen, the US-based Muslim cleric-turned-businessman accused of ordering the attempted July 15 attempt, is among the main suspects named in the indictment.

He remains in the United States under self-imposed exile in a secluded compound in the US state of Pennsylvania, and strongly denies the charges against him.

Those held in custody include Akin Ozturk, a former air force chief who – like several suspects – is also on trial in another case related to the coup bid.

Theology lecturer Adil Oksuz, whom Turkish officials allege was the so-called “imam” of the plot, is accused coordinating the action on the ground in Turkey with Gulen.

Businessman Kemal Batmaz, meanwhile, is accused of assisting Oksuz.

Oksuz was detained following the coup’s defeat, but was subsequently released and is now on the run. Batmaz is in custody in Sincan prison outside Ankara.

Chief of Staff General Hulusi Akar and other senior commanders were held hostage at the base during the coup attempt, before they were freed on the morning on July 16.

Around 300 people were killed during the coup attempt, which also led to purges targeting tens of thousands of civil servants among other people.

Courtesy Aljazeera

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Finance ministry decides to unchanged the petroleum prices

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ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Finance has decided to keep the petroleum prices unchanged during the month of August.

Ministry of Finance issued a statement in this regard that decision to keeping the prices of petroleum products unchanged was taken considering the special circumstances in the country.

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) in its summary sent of Ministry of Finance on Friday had recommended a reduction of Rs 3.67/litre in petrol price and Rs 5.07/litre in price of diesel.

However, OGRA had also suggested an increase of Rs13/litre in kerosene oil and Rs 10.00/litre in light diesel oil