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Kabul yet to prosecute high-profile graft cases: SIGAR

Monitoring Desk KABUL: The situation in Afghanistan is consistent with a largely lawless, weak and dysfunctional government, America’s federal watchdog says. Many corruption cases are yet to be prosecuted due to the lack of political will, said the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, or SIGAR. A citing a Department of Justice report, the watchdog…

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US anti-narcotics campaign in Afghanistan a big disaster

Syed Zafar Mehdi The protracted war in Afghanistan has many convoluted dimensions and needless to say the foreign invaders have failed in almost every way. Their engagement in the war-ravaged country has only wreaked havoc, brought misery to the people and emboldened insurgent groups to carry out deadly strikes across the country. More than 17…

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US red alert to IMF

US secretary of State Mike Pompeo has issued a red alert to the International Monetary Fund against fresh bail out Package to Pakistan which it badly needs to pay off its external liabilities on account of swollen current account deficit and ballooning foreign debt. He warned on Monday that IMF loans can not be used…

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