23 power pylons destroyed, damaged

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KABUL (Tolo News): The country’s power distributor, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), said that 23 electricity pylons have been destroyed or damaged by explosions in just a month’s time, raising concerns over the stability of the imported power as many areas now face power outages.
Three power pylons were damaged by explosions over the last day–two in Salang district, Parwan province, and one in Herat province, disrupting the imported power supply from Uzbekistan and Iran in the two provinces. The damage to power pylons in Salang district disrupted the electricity supply to Kabul and seven other provinces. DABS said the power lines have been partially reconnected.
Parwan officials said the repair of the two pylons in Salang will take two days. One was damaged partially and the other destroyed. “The explosion was powerful–it shook homes. Other explosions happened shortly after the first one. Up to five blasts happened,” said Noor-ul-Haq, a resident of Salang.
Two pylons were damaged in the blasts. Four explosions targeted the first pylon while three occurred at the second. One bomb was defused by security forces, according to officials. DABS employees said they had arrived at the Ahangaran village in Salang district to repair the pylons, but it is taking time for them to reach the area due to difficult terrain.
“In Parwan, there are four pylons in Salang, four pylons in Jangal Bagh and one pylon in Rabat,” said Rohullah Sajid, head of the energy and water department in Parwan. The back-to-back attacks on power pylons have ratcheted up fear about the security of the national electricity supply system. DABS officials said security officials have not talked to them about the attack on the pylons.
“Overall, the pylons that have been destroyed or damaged are 25 in total,” said Engineer Ahad, a DABS employee. Other pylons have been either damaged or destroyed in Kalakan, Shakardara and Qara Bagh districts of Kabul.
Daesh claimed responsibility for destroying the towers. “We arrested three suspects last night. Details will be shared later,” said Mohammad Hamid Niazi, an army commander in Parwan. Sources in the north accused some within the government of involvement in the attack on the pylons.

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