24 butchers arrested for selling sub-standard meat

Rifaqat Ullah Razarwal

CHARSADDA: Additional Assistant Commissioner City Inayat Ullah on Thursday conducted raids, checked rates and meat quality and imposed fines on 24 butchers for not following the government rate list and selling substandard meat.

The raids were conducted at Tangi, Peshawar and Mardan roads, five butchers found indulged in profiteering and selling unhygienic meat were imposed fines amounting to Rs 20000. “We have received complaints that butchers and general stores shopkeepers are selling substandard meat and food items if the illegal activity continues, we’ll be left with no option but to crack down on it,” said AAC Inayat Ullah.

“We’ll continue crackdown on milk adulterators as well as will take action against encroachments and other food sellers and will be taken more and more samples by the health for laboratory test and necessary action,” he said.

The butchers were warned that strict action would be taken against the violators of the orders. Cases would also be registered against them and they would be sent to the jail. The assistant commissioner along with Traffic contingent .He said the raids would continue and the violators of the law would not be spared.