259 public works projects awarded to private firms

KABUL (TOLOnews): The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) announced that it has awarded 259 public projects to private companies.

According to MRRD officials, the projects will cost over 2 billion Afs.

Out of the total number of 259 projects, 107 projects will cover the Kochis (nomads) in different parts of the country, said the officials.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Kochis have said that implementation of these projects will help them to develop their economies.

The projects include 61 to provide clean drinking water and canals.

107 development projects have gone to Kochis in 17 provinces of the country. 40 of them are transportation projects and 75 are retaining wall projects.

“Based on the recommendations of residents in the villages, these projects were prioritized,” said Mujiburrahman Karimi, the acting Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development.

“It has major significance for the economies of the Kochis,” said Nangyalai Long, a member of parliament.

According to MRRD, the implementation of these projects in 32 provinces of the country will create thousands of jobs.

“Our livestock were dying, we don’t have health clinics,” said Sher Mohammad, a representative of Kochis in Kunduz.

The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development has said that from the total of 259 projects, 12 projects will be funded by the aid which will be given by the Asian Development Bank and 11 projects will be funded by German aid.

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