27,500 diagnosed with lung cancer annually in Turkey, men at higher risk

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ANKARA: According to the latest data revealed by Turkey’s Health Ministry, an average of 27,500 people, 23,000 men and 4,500 women, in the country are diagnosed with lung cancer every year.

Tobacco use causes around 80-90% of lung cancer cases, the data showed as the world observes Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

Other risk factors include passive smoking, family history of lung cancer, various vitamins, chemicals such as radon/asbestos, industrial products such as arsenic, radiation exposure, some organic chemicals, air pollution and tuberculosis.

Trachea, bronchial, and lung cancers are the most common in men in Turkey, while lung cancer is the fourth-most common type of cancer in women.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is the leading cause of death globally, with 10 million people dying in 2020.

Among these 10 million, 1.8 million were related to lung cancer.

According to WHO, 2.21 million cases of lung cancer were reported globally in 2020, following 2.26 million cases of breast cancer.

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