341 officers graduate from military academy in Kabul

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: At least 341 army cadets including women graduated from the Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim Military Academy after completing their education.

The commander of the military academy Gen. Jalandar Shah Bahnam said international standards have been incorporated in the curriculum of the academy as well as discipline and increased the capacity in a bid to help train good leaders on operational and strategic level.

He said they have good achievements and outcome last year due to the good training and increasing the operational, logistical, and professional capacity.

Gen. Bahnam further added that the newly-graduated officers can compete on regional level in terms of the capabilities and good education. In the meantime, the leader of the Youth Officers Gen. Mohammad Sharif Sharifi said the army officers have been well trained with high standard education and sophisticated physical fitness which helped increase their capabilities, emphasizing that the officers are well prepared to defend the sovereignty and integrity of the country.

According to the officials, at least 38 women and girls were among those graduated from the latest course of the military as they hailed the military trainers from UK, Denmark, Turkey, Finland, and Australia for assisting with the training of the cadets.

The Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah hailed the military officers for their discipline and said the whole nation is proud of the capable armed forces of the country.

He thanked the international community for the support and said it is necessary to pay tribute to the fallen foreign soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the stability of Afghanistan.

Abdullah further added that the army officers belong to whole Afghanistan insisting that the armed forces should remain free of any political, ethnic, lingual, and religious affiliation.

He thanked the families of the army officers specifically the female officers for their bravery to allow their children to serve among the armed forces’ ranks.