More than 400 Taliban fighters killed in Helmand in last Three Months

Monitoring Desk

HELMAND: At least 400 Taliban fighters were killed and hundred others were injured in operation in Helmand province against the group in the past three months.

The officials on Sunday told media that 150 Taliban fighters were also arrested in the operations. The afghan security forces conducted military operations in different parts of the province including Lashkargah city, Naw, Nahr-e-Siraj and Nad Ali.

Governor Helmand, Hayatullah Hayat warned the militants group that if the Taliban does not join the peace process the group will be destroyed in Helmand province as the security forces started operation against them and it will be continue till the elimination of last Taliban fighter from the area.

He added that Taliban fighters were not able to stand and fight against the security forces.

Recently the security forces launched operations against the Taliban and air force was also assisting the ground forces in the operation in Helmand province.


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