426 legislators fail to submit assets report with ECP

F.P.  Report

PESHAWAR: A total of 748 elected representatives of Pakistan out of 1174 have submitted assets and liabilities with election commission of Pakistan.

According to a notification issued by election commission of Pakistan, as many as 85 senators out of 104 have submitted their assets details while two seats are vacant. However, 233 members of national assembly have shown their assets to ECP out of 342.

Similarly, 202 members of provincial assembly from Punjab have submitted their asset report and 167 among them have not yet shown their assets. As many as 104 MPAs from Sindh Assembly has presented their assets and liabilities before election commission, 74 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 50 from Balochistan.

However, 50 from KP and 15 MPAs from Balochistan have so far not shown their assets.

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