4th case of polio reported in Nangarhar

JALALABAD CITY (TOLOnews): The Ministry of Public Health said that another case of polio has been reported in Bihsud district of Nangarhar province, bringing the national total in 2023 to 4 cases, all of which are in Nangarhar.
“This new case of polio was reported in Bihsud district of the province. The child who was infected by the disease is 48 months old. Nangarhar and all eastern zones of the country are in danger of polio,” the statement said.
An official of UNICEF, Kama Shah Sayed, said that that the children who are deprived of the vaccine are most likely to be affected by the polio.
“However, there have been many campaigns for polio, but still polio cases happen, the reason is that the children who are deprived of vaccine, are being affected,” he said.
Meanwhile, some residents of Nangarhar urged officials to launch further vaccination campaigns. “The medical teams should be increased. The common people should be advised about it,” said Mohibullah, a resident of Nangarhar.
Prior to this, one polio case was registered in Bati Koot, one case was registered in Koot and another was registered in Nazian district of Nangarhar.