5 coffee spots you must try in Karachi

KARACHI (Monitoring Desk): With a sip of coffee, your entire day can change for the better. It’s not just a beverage but almost a need for many people to kick start their mornings. The best part about the drink is that it is available in a variety of flavours and can be consumed hot, cold, bitter or sweet. You can have it according to your preferred taste.

The intake of this beverage has increased tenfold of late and many new coffee places have started springing up. Here’s a lowdown of a few coffee bars in Karachi that you must try out.

1. Drop Coffee Bar

Drop Coffee Bar is the latest talk of the City of Lights, as the place offers a variety of delicious coffee flavours and has the best roasters as well. Prices range from Rs300 to Rs600 and the most popular coffees are the Iced Spanish Latte, Iced coffee and Mocha Frappe. This is a popular choice for people as it is closer to offices based in Phase 8, DHA, and has been advertised greatly on social media by celebrities and influencers alike.

2. Coffee Wagera

Coffee Wagera is the place to be if you want to concentrate on your work or studies with a flavourful beverage by your side. The cafe is favoured due to the free facilities provided there. Their menu includes Espresso, MushTonic, Americano, and even Keto Coffee. If you also want a snack alongside your coffee, the cafe has many munchies to offer too!

3. Kohi Coffees

What better than to grab a cup of coffee near the seaside during the chilly winds of winter? Kohi Coffees offers to curb your coffee cravings with a beautiful view as a package. Their menu caters to a variety of flavours such as Cappuccino and Spanish Latte. They also have teas and fresh organic lemonades available.

4. Second Cup Coffee

There isn’t any Karachiite who loves coffee and hasn’t tried this place. They offer drinks, coffees, and an array of bakery items such as muffins. Second Cup Coffee, like the name suggests is the coffee house that can make you go craving for seconds. The most popular choice here is Espresso and Americano as well!

5. FLOC – for the love of coffee

FLOC is the original creator of Matkiccino, which is Pakistan’s first own espresso-based coffee. Not only is it popular on Instagram, but it also is one of the top choices for coffee lovers now. Their menu comprises of a feast full of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options with coffee. It’s not just a coffee place but also one where you can enjoy a fulfilling meal. If you visit them, do try out their Matkiccino – it’s one of a kind!