5 Desi Cheese-filled recipes to make snack-time better

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It’s always a good time to nibble on some cheese, right? It is that one versatile food item that can be mixed with a variety of dishes and can be savoured in many forms. And, nothing can really beat the magic and flavour of a yummy, cheesy and desi snack.

But does cheese work well with Indian snacks? Our answer is a resounding “yes!” All you need is some direction and easy recipes to help you whip up a yummy dish. We have created a list of five desi cheese snacks that you can easily make at home and enjoy with your family.


The taste of cheese is loved by all

1) Cheese Onion Bhajiya

We have been grown up relishing yummy bhajiyas with our steaming hot cup of chai. Nothing beats the joy of indulging in these deep-fried fritters that carry the goodness of onions. However, do you want to give it a delectable twist? Trust cheese to do that task for you. Try this out today with your evening cuppa.

2) Cheese Pakoda

Imagine enjoying pakodas that are crispy and brown from the outside and soft and cheesy inside. The mere description is enough to make you slurp, right? So, next time you decide to treat yourself with pakodas, don’t forget to add some cheese along with other ingredients.

3) Potato Cheese Shots

Yes, this recipe will surely tingle your tastebuds. This dish will hardly take a few minutes to prepare. This can be your go-to snack for last-minute gatherings as well. Brace yourself to gather compliments for this one.

4) Crispy Cheesy Pav

This one food item has the potential to impress. Whether it’s teamed with vada to make vada pav or with delicious bhaji to create pav bhaji, this is one combination that cannot go wrong. All you need to do is make a creamy filling with vegetables and cheese and fill the pav with it. Add some cheese and top it with herbs and you are good to go.

Cheesy pav can be a delicious snack

5) Cheese Pani Puri

Who doesn’t love to indulge in yummy pani puri? This mouth-watering dish will always be our ultimate favourite when we want to gorge on desi meals like chaat. But if you want to give your pani puri a cheesy twist, you can do that too. Make a delicious stuffing with vegetables, sauces and spices and fill it in your puris. Top it with lots of cheese and enjoy.

Try these dishes this weekend and enjoy a cheesy fiesta.

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