5 Islamic Emirate troops killed in clash

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KABUL (TOLOnews): At least five members of Islamic Emirate forces were killed and two were wounded in a clash that took place on Friday in Dara district of central Panjshir province, local officials said on Tuesday.
A spokesman for the provincial governor’s office, Abubakar Sedeqqi, said that 5,000 troops are stationed in Panjshir following the clash.
Earlier, the provincial governor’s spokesman told TOLOnews that six Islamic Emirate Force troops had died in the clashes.
“Less than five people were killed and two others were wounded. They were evacuated to the hospital and the martyrs were sent to their provinces. The claims made by the opponents of the Islamic Emirate are absolutely untrue,” he said.
Reports of clashes between the forces of the Islamic Emirate and the Resistance Front have been posted on social media over the past several days.
The Panjshir governor’s spokesman said at least 10 fighters of the Resistance Front were killed in the clash. He also said the situation is under control.
“We are present in many areas of Dara, and Abshar and as well as in many areas of Andarab,” said Sibghatullah Ahmadi, a spokesman for the Resistance Front.
Meanwhile, the Resistance Front also confirmed six of its fighters were killed and claimed it has control over some parts of Dara and Abshar districts of Panjshir.
However, the Resistance Front claimed it had inflicted heavy casualties on the Islamic Emirate’s forces.
“These claims are untrue. There was some gunfire from the mountains. We have taken steps to suppress them,” said Abdul Hameed Khurasani, commander of the Nasir Badri troops. This comes as videos are circulating on social media apparently showing members of the Resistance Front detained by the Islamic Emirate as well as forces of the Islamic Emirate detained by the Resistance Front in Panshir, but the videos have yet to be confirmed.

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