50 people die daily in fight against terrorism in Afghanistan: Mohib

KABUL (Ariana News): At least 50 people pay the ultimate sacrifice every day in the fight against terrorism, the National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib said on Tuesday.

Speaking at an international security meeting in Russia, Mohib said that Afghanistan is a country at the frontlines in fighting against terrorism.

He emphasized that counterterrorism efforts need to remain a top priority and it requires collective action.

Mohib further said that drug trafficking and terrorism were two sides of the same coin and could not be differentiated.

According to the Afghan official, Narcotics is known as the main source of revenue for terrorism that generate billions of dollars every year.

“Countering financial crimes is key to ensuring national security of our states. Fighting against money laundering, illegal money transactions through unregistered hawala systems, fundraising for terrorism through unmonitored charities in the region are a must,” he said.

He stressed that there is a chain in production, trafficking, processing, and consumption of narcotics and these problems can only be solved through joint and coordinated actions.

The 10th International Meeting of High-level Officials Responsible for Security Matters, held in Ufa city of Russia on Thursday. The participants included security council secretaries, ministers, intelligence chiefs and other top-level security officials.