5000 year-old-drum found from burial site of cuddling children

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YORKSHIRE: Archeologists have discovered a 5000-year-old drum from ancient burial site country estate near the village of Burton Agnes in East Yorkshire, England.

The ancient article was originally discovered back in 2015 and it will be displayed for the first after six years in the “World of Stonehenge” exhibition at the British Museum.

The rare drum was found at the burial site of three cuddling children. The burial site was found during the routine excavation by a a team of archaeologists with the independent company Allen Archaeology. The burial site had remains of three children. According to the team the children were aged between 3 to 12 years. The bones of the discovered remains had been intertwined for millennia.

According to Mark Allen, the founder of Allen Archaeology the children were cuddling. The drum was placed on the head of the eldest child. It also had a chalk ball and a polished bone pin.

The grave is a unique finding as the study suggests that the ancient people of Neolithic Britain used to leave bodies to be eaten by crows or for cremation.

The British Museum stated that, “The drum is so significant because it is one of the most elaborately decorated objects of this period found anywhere in Britain and Ireland.”