51 killed in Kabul security, crime incidents in a month

KABUL (Tolo News): Data collected by TOLOnews shows that 51 people were killed and 70 more were wounded in security and crime incidents in Kabul from Jan. 20 to Feb. 19. The data shows that 66 security and crime incidents happened in Kabul during this time that indicates a slight increase in security and crime incidents in Kabul compared to a month before.

The findings show that 39 IED explosions, 8 cases of assassination and armed attacks and 20 crime incidents happened in Kabul between January 20 to February 19. In the latest incident, two university lecturers were killed in a magnetic IED blast near Kabul University.

Victims’ families said security agencies have failed to prevent targeted attacks in the city. Many untold stories have been left by those who have lost their lives in targeted attacks in Kabul. Nisar Ali was one of them. He was a taxi driver and lost his life in an IED bomb explosion in downtown Kabul in an afternoon on February 8. The bomb was placed on his car. He was driving the car when the blast happened as a CCTV footage from the scene shows. He was the only breadwinner for his family.

“We want justice. The killers must be brought to justice. No similar incident will happen if one or two of the perpetrators are punished,” said Atiqa, Nisar Ali’s wife. “He was killed eleven days ago, but no one reached for help. He is survived by young children,” said Ali’s sister Amina. “It is just because of the negligence of the government,” said Nawroz Ali, Ali’s relative. “How long should the situation prevail? The people are now tired of this situation as there are explosions every day.”

The Ministry of Interior Affairs as usual said such incidents are being investigated. “At the leadership level, all efforts are focused on how we can get to the nucleus of the terrorist attacks,” said Tariq Arian, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior Affairs. According to the findings, most of the incidents have happened in Kabul’s PD5, PD7, PD10, PD12 and PD2. “The enemy infiltrates when duty is not taken seriously,” said military analyst Atiqullah Amarkhil.