585 projects underway in Badakhshan

KABUL (Agencies): Local officials Economy department of Badakhshan said that this year, 585 projects are underway in province.
The Provincial head of the Economy department of Badakhshan Qari Abdul Basit Latifi said that 85 national and international organizations have provided job opportunities to 2,509 people in 585 projects in 7 different sectors in 6 months of this year, of which 763 people are women.
In the first 6 months of this year, 49 internal and 36 external organizations are operating in Badakhshan, which are conducting projects in different sectors with a total cost of 57 million Afghanis, he added.
344 projects have been carried out by international organizations and 241 projects by national organizations in this province, he said. Dr. Shams Ali Shams, the regional manager of the Agha Khan Foundation in Badakhshan said that the priorities of their foundation are the launching of projects in remote areas.