700 PIA employees possessing fake degrees terminated so far: Senate told

ISLAMABAD (APP): Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan on Thursday informed the Senate that as many as 700 employees of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) who were inducted on fake degrees and political ground during past governments tenure have been terminated so far.

In response to various supplementary questions during Question Hour, the minister said that those employees were not only terminated but also criminal and judicial actions were taken against them.

Regarding fake license of pilots, the minister said that licenses of 262 pilots were found suspicious. After due verification process, 50 pilots have been terminated, 32 suspended while cases of remaining pilots were pending in various courts.

He said the opposition should appreciate the present government’s action against pilots possessing suspicious licenses.

The minister said restrictions on the PIA flight operation to the European countries would be lifted after International Civil Aviation Organization’s safety audit in October or November this year.

He said flight operations to six European/ United Kingdom countries have been suspended. Approximate loss incurred due to closure of flight after statement of June, 2020 regarding Pakistan Pilot’s fake licenses was Rs 7.9 billion during last six months.

Since operation to/ from Europe/ UK (Italy, Spain, Norway, Denmark, and France) has been suspended Since June 30, 2020 and no exact figures could be calculated.