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75 ancient artifacts of Kushan period discovered

Written by The Frontier Post

KABUL (Tolo News): Officials at Afghanistan’s national museum said that around seventy-five ancient relics from the Kushan period have been found in the Khum Zargar district of Kapisa province and the Mes Aynak area of Logar province and have been brought to the museum by the archaeologists.

According to officials, these ancient relics date from around two thousand years ago. “These antiquities include pottery, metal barrels that were used for various tools. There are also a number of small statues which have been brought here for protection,” said Mohammad Fahim Rahimi, director of the National Museum.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Information and Culture said that they are trying to prevent the smuggling of the ancient relics abroad. “Currently, the antiquities that we have are very ancient and old. We want to show them to countries around the world,” said Khairullah Khairkhah, minister of information and culture.

The spokesman for the Islamic Emirate said that the restoration of antiquities will resume in the spring of next year.

“We are still in contact with those institutions that maintain and restore such antiquities for us, and in the coming spring, their restoration will begin,” said Zabiullah Mujahid, spokesman for the Islamic Emirate. In the past five months, a number of the country’s ancient relics have been smuggled to other countries, which officials hope will be captured in cooperation with Interpol police and brought back to the National Museum.

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