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80% students may not get admissions in govt colleges

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LAHORE: Around 80 percent students, who have passed the matriculation examinations in Lahore division this year, risk not getting admissions in government colleges due to the shortage of vacancies thanks to matriculation promotion policy devised in view of the coronavirus pandemic, on Wednesday.

The news channel has learnt that of over 288,000 students who have cleared the exams this year, only 67,000 will be able to get admissions because of the same number of vacancies in over 110 government colleges of the division, leaving over 220,000 students behind who will then apply in private or technical colleges.

Furthermore, it will be difficult for the students getting marks less than 800 to get admissions to colleges.

According to the gazette issued by the Lahore Board, 60,000 candidates have bagged A-plus grade this year, while only those students could get A-plus grade who have secured 880 marks or above.

This year, the students have received extra-ordinarily high numbers due to the promotion policy devised in view of the pandemic.

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