9.9m children under age 5 to be vaccinated Against polio virus

KABUL (Agencies): the Ministry of Public Health has started the nationwide polio vaccination campaign in all the provinces of the country in collaboration with relevant international organization.
The campaign will continue for at least four days, and during this period, 9.9 million children under the age of five are supposed to be vaccinated against the polio virus.
According to the ministry of public health, this is the 8 rounds of the polio vaccination campaign in the current year in Afghanistan, before which six nationwide campaigns and one sub-campaign have been successfully implemented in the country, which have had a good result in controlling the circulation of the polio virus.
Afghanistan is now closer to eradicating polio than at any other time, and since the beginning of this year, two positive cases of polio have been reported from Paktika and Kunar provinces, which shows a significant decrease compared to previous years.
Dr. qalandar Ebad, acting minister of public health, said in this regard: polio eradication program is one of the major and important public health programs, and with the arrival of the Islamic Emirate, important progress has been made in the field of polio eradication.
the access of health workers to all areas of the country has improved and there has been a significant reduction in polio cases compared to previous years, he added.
he said there is a need for more efforts for the people and elders of the society to cooperate more with the staff of the polio eradication program so that all children under the age of five are vaccinated and vaccinated during the campaigns, and the infamous bed of this disease is removed for all of them.
Polio is a viral disease that has no cure and can only be prevented by vaccination. children who are infected with this disease will be permanently paralyzed or die.
The Ministry of Public Health asks all local officials, ethnic elders, influential people, scholars and parents to cooperate with the polio vaccination groups in the successful implementation of this campaign so that this disease can be eradicated from Afghanistan forever through the implementation of the vaccine.
Afghanistan and Pakistan are still the only two countries in the world that are not free from the polio virus, and these two countries need more efforts to eradicate the disease.