900 foreign tourists visit Afghanistan through Sher Khan Port last year

KABUL (Agencies): The officials of the Kunduz Department of Foreign Affairs reported the arrival of 900 foreign tourists from Europe, America, and Asian countries to the country through the Sher Khan Port last year. In an interview with Bakhtar News Agency, Qari Obaidullah Abidi, deputy head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Kunduz, said that in the past year, since the issuing of visas in the Department of Foreign Affairs, 900 foreigners have entered the country through Sher Khan Port. Abidi added that up to 10 foreigners visited the Department of Foreign Affairs to get visas and then travel to their favorite provinces for tourism and entertainment. Meanwhile, the director of tourism in the Information and Culture Department of the province, Mohammad Shoaib Rahimi, said that last year, 60 foreign tourists came from America, Italy, Sweden, and the Czech Republic. According to him, the purpose of the trip of these tourists was to visit the touristic and pilgrimage sites of the province. Matiullah Rouhani, head of the tourism section at the department says that with the return of the Islamic Emirate, security is now stable in Afghanistan and there is no security problem for foreign tourists and they can visit Afghanistan without any fear. In a conversation with Bakhtar Agency, two foreign tourists said that the security under the current administration of Afghanistan is reliable and that they can travel without any fear in a peaceful and safe atmosphere in this country.