A brave mother who lost three sons in single Taliban attack

Monitoring Desk

KABUL: After losing her three soldier sons in a single Taliban attack in Kandahar province, the brave mother offered her two more sons to defend the motherland.

Her three sons were manning a check-post in Kandahar’s Maiwand district when their check post was attacked by the Taliban in 2016. But despite this huge sacrifice, the bold woman offered two more sons to fight and defend the motherland.

Sheema Gul, 55, said her three sons died for upholding human values, freedom, justice, peace and stability and she herself was ready to take arms and fight.

She said her deceased sons were 18, 20 and 31 years old when martyred. “All of them dreamed a bright and prosperous future and never frightened by the ongoing war.”

She was unable to control her tears. “The loss of beloved ones makes human weak, but I surrendered myself to the will of Allah and acknowledged it.”

“I am happy that my sons sacrificed in the defence of the country because nobody can say they were killed for theft, treason or murder. They were clean and departed clean from this world.”

Acknowledging the fact that the news of her three sons’ martyrdom was hard to endure, she recalled her son Ahmad Javed telephoned her when their check post was under attack and demanded her forgiveness.

“I could not believe the loss of my three sons until my brother came and congratulated me for the new homes of my sons, their graves. I don’t remember what happened to me then.”

She asked other women to join hands in giving moral support to security forces and foiling the enemy with unity and oneness. (Pajhwok)