A Feat of Engineering achieved at Jagran-II Hydropower Power Project

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: A landmark achievement has been accomplished at Jagran – II HPP where FWO devised a strategy to excavate the upstream with downstream portions of the Main Headrace Tunnel by carrying out excavation from both ends in opposite directions and meeting in the middle.

This happened on 27 January 2021 when the milestone of meeting the two tunnels with a tolerance of less than 10 centimetres, was achieved successfully – this has never been done before in Pakistan. FWO, while maintaining its professional integrity and credibility, has excavated 1.88 kilometres of Main Headrace Tunnel without even a single casualty in just 215 working days.

Currently, FWO has completed 3.7 kilometres of tunnels excavation (including 2.9 kilometer of main headrace tunnel). Multiple construction teams of FWO are working round the clock on Weir, Underground Desander, Tunnels/ Pressure Shafts and Powerhouse. Jaggran – II HPP is one of the main hydel projects on Jagran River Energy Corridor.

It is being financed by Power Development Organization AJK & constructed by FWO in joint venture with HMC-CNTIC-BITC.

This project once completed, will add 48 MW electricity to the national grid.