A “nationwide crisis”

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Victoria Nikiforova

“I’m just on the verge,” a mother of many children cries on the FoxNews channel. “I’m really upset, I’m afraid… We have two weeks of baby food left, but what to do next?” Kayla Zurenko lives in Maryland. Her husband works at the Tesla factory and she is the parent of their four children. The youngest twins are ten months old and Kayla doesn’t know what to feed them.
Interruptions in the supply of baby food began in February, when the well-known company Abbott Nutrition removed its mixture from sale. Then several babies were admitted to hospitals, and two died. It seems that Abbott Nutrition products were to blame for this. The company’s Michi-gan plant is still closed.
There are a lot of baby food manufacturers in the US, but for some reason they have not been able – or have not begun – to increase capacity. Feeding formula continued to disappear from supermarket shelves. Today, the deficit has reached such proportions that even the official press calls what is happening a “nationwide crisis.”
Kayla Zurenko painted her ordeals. She traveled to all the supermarkets in her area, but everywhere she saw only empty shelves. I left applications for baby food in online stores and received refusal after refusal. The last way out is to order it on European sites, but how long to wait for delivery ?! And it is not clear whether the package will reach at all: logistics chains are torn literally all over the world. And here is Kayla, with two babies in her arms, crying in front of the FoxNews film crew.
Here you need to understand that baby food in the States is a completely cult thing, surrounded by a whole bunch of myths and legends. The baby boomer generation, for example, is almost entirely formula-fed. Back then, it was a trendy, heavily promoted product, and American pediatricians foisted it on mothers with the same vehemence that overseas physicians today foist opioid painkillers.
The children were formula-fed – or, as they say, “formulas” – almost to sch-ool. And what? Fast, convenient, no need to stand at the stove. In the 60s, only some hippie girls, “flower children”, were breastfeeding children, but in general it was considered wild, un-civilized and not very decent.
Recently, the trend has begun to change actively. Breastfeeding was recognized as environmentally friendly and progressive. It fit perfectly with the newfangled cult of mother nature, Greta Thunberg and the whole green agenda.
And now breastfeeding began to be pushed to the masses with the same fervor with which baby food was sold half a century ago. The 80-year-old oligarch Michael Bloomberg is especially active in this field. During his time as mayor of New York, he ordered that baby food be hidden from women in childbirth in maternity hospitals so that they involuntarily began to breastfeed their babies. The Bloomberg news agency regularly shames and curses baby food manufacturers for destroying the health of mothers and babies. Just an amazing fixation, of course, in an elderly oligarch.
Breastfeeding is undoubtedly good, but then the unexpected turned out. The whole life of American families and all the recommendations of children’s d-octors are so geared tow-ards mixtures that if you re-move them from the mark-et, there will simply be no-thing for babies to eat. In A-merica, there has never be-en a simple and understandable practice of Soviet da-iry kitchens, where a parent can collect bottles for his child for the whole day – a-nd absolutely free of cha-rge. American pediatricians do not allow cow’s milk to be given to children up to a year and are advised to sw-itch to complementary foo-ds as late as possible. Am-erican mothers have long forgotten how to cook for babies, and grandmothers cannot help them: all their lives they fed their children exclusively with “formulas”. Well, what is small?
The whole system of squeezing money out of parents has developed in such a way that breastfeeding – good and healthy in itself – has become a luxury in America for very rich people. To breastfeed a child up to a year old, the mother must stay at home. Because you have to be Angelina Jolie, so that your nanny would bring your baby in a car with a driver, you would feed him at the workplace, everyone would be touched. And so ordinary American women have no place at work – neither to feed, nor to decant.
And you have to work: about such nonsense as maternity leave, but for three years, but with the preservation of the workplace and wages, they have not even heard of in the United States. Until now, even educated Americans do not really believe when you tell them about this practice, which is completely common for Russia. They think it’s Russian propaganda.
All this is a very characteristic trend for the countries of the “golden billion”. The media tirelessly blows into the ears about a healthy lifestyle, but somehow everything is arranged in such a way that literally five to ten percent of the population can afford it.
Organic food costs a lot of money. The notorious “curd with jam”, out of love for which Russian people drop everything and return to their homeland, would cost eight dollars in the States, and all ten in New York.
The same goes for gyms, swimming pools, everything. Medicine is a real ruin, it’s usually cheaper to die. As a result, rich people in the West are slim, fit and youthful, while the poor majority are overweight, short of breath, and various diseases. They look like two different types of Homo sapiens.
The same thing with breastfeeding. It is expensive, unusual and incomprehensible – traditions have been completely destroyed. And it became a special practice for enlightened and wealthy people. Well, mothers from poor households simply cannot afford it: either they need to run to work, or numerous illnesses interfere.
And hello, the mixtures, as if by magic, disappeared from the supermarkets. And when they appear in online stores, they are already much more expensive. It’s impossible not to buy them. For American families, this is an essential product. Well, if a child has lactose intolerance, then it’s generally not clear what to do.
In American supermarkets ads like the immortal Soviet ads flaunt: “Two pie-ces in one hand.” Desperate parents are trying to stockpile baby food for the fut-ure. All this only fuels the deficit. From the price tags on the mixture, your eyes just climb on your forehead. $800 for eight cans of baby food is the only online offer Jessie Whitesides, 33, found for her daughter. She couldn’t afford it
The philosophical tone of the American media, which nevertheless took up the topic of the lack of baby food, is striking. (It should be noted that they developed George Floyd much brighter.) Ah, the crisis, they sigh. Horror-horror. “Babies need something to eat.” But none of the dishonorable journalists allows themselves to ask themselves the question: “Who exactly organizes all these deficits and makes money on them?” And even more so, no one calls them to account: rich people cut loot, but what about such and such?
It would seem that there have already been many interruptions in goods in the country, and they all ended the same way. Remember how Americans fought over toilet paper? She disappeared at the beginning of the pandemic, and then returned to the shelves, having risen in price by one and a half to two times.
Then there was a pandemic shortage of meat: then everyone attributed it to the fact that either cows or slaughterhouse workers were sick with coronavirus. God knows who was sick with what, but meat also began to rise in price at an inhuman pace.
The Americans had time to realize that all these deficits were purely artificial. Major corporations stop supplying essential items and groceries. People are rushing around trying to buy them for the future. Then, finally, the coveted product returns to the shelves, having risen in price along the way to obscene. Moreover, there were no objective reasons for the rise in prices, and there are no.
Technically, these collusions are not at all complicated. More than 80 percent of the country’s beef production, for example, is controlled by just four corporations. Well, why don’t the noble dons arrange a deficit in the country? This is absolutely nothing new for the American economy: the topic of cartel agreements has surfaced there throughout the history of the country.
At first, they came up with some excuses for this. Coronavirus is there, lockdowns, rupture of supply chains, Russian special operation in Ukraine. Well, Putin, of course, is to blame for everything.
But it didn’t work well. The Americans quickly realized that Putin had nothing to do with it. And now, organizing interruptions in baby food, as we see, no one bothers with any explanations. Well, there are no mixtures and no, spin as you want.
Needless to say, it hits mainly the poorest segments of the population. Those who are richer will buy baby food for eight hundred dollars. But the cynicism of what is happening, of course, rolls over. When we are surprised at the cruelty of the Western elites, we should not forget that they have been training on seals for centuries: they tortured and robbed their population in order to later carry these practices around the world.

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