A poet of love

Khatir Afridi was born in Landikotal, Tribal district area of Khyber in 1929. His real name was Misree Khan. He didn’t join any formal education. His father passed away when he was in tender age. He was brought up by his grandfather and uncle. He joined service at Khyber rifle’s camp and then started private business. He took interest in poetry, therefore, paid much attention to poetry and his poetry was played the Rabab. He had deep affection for love and beauty. He was greatly admired by his fellows and still people like his poetry very much.

The poetry of Khatir Afridi is very much praised by the people who have more inclination towards love.  His poetry really affects the hearts who dedicate themselves for others. They think that this world is for others. They take that love is the only force on the base of which the world stands. Khatir’s poetry appeals to the mind, to a greater extent, to those who feel that only love has such potentials which can bring happiness to this world. He says in his one couplet:

“Da ba v sanga che mayan pa mina na pohegi

Kho daa matal de che da zra pa mina zra pohegi”

(How it would be that a lover dosent know Love

But this is a saying that only a  heart know about the heart’s love).

This means that Khatir has such a deep feeling about love that he doesn’t even think of that no one knows about love especially a lover. He is of the view that lover knows how to love. He knows that love is such a precious thing that it is a mercy of nature upon humanity. He does not accept this thought that a lover doesn’t know about love.

To him, this is a frivolous thought that love is nothing and lover doesn’t take care of this. He further adds that this factor can only be assessed by the heart which knows the spirit of love.

This heart knows the very nature of love. Heart which is deeply engrossed by the feelings of other knows how much care should be required while keeping the sanctity of love. He says that lover and beloved know the mutual feelings.

He is the poet of love. He gave much emphasized on love and never concentrated on things which lacked the ethos of love. His poetry is full of love. To him, love was the most cherishing thing. He thought of love every time. He has left the legacy of love. Generations will remember him as symbol of these noble thoughts.

The poetry of Khatir has many impacts on the minds of Pushtoons. He is a poet of the young generation and he is the poet of lovers. He is the poet of the beloved. He always emphasizes on beauty. He appreciates beauty. He likes beauty. From his poetry, we all learn a lot. In the said context, not only Pushtoons but other nations may also take much inference from his poetry while studying the importance of love. His Poetry has been translated in many languages. He left this world at the age of thirty Nine. Some say at the age of thirty two. Anyhow, he died at a time when he was enjoying the world from the core of his heart.  

Asmat Ullah